Does Fire Emblem Engage have the weapon triangle? Answered

Rock, paper, axe?

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The weapon triangle has been a mechanic vital to many (but not all) Fire Emblem games. It functions as a basic rock, paper, scissors mechanic using the game’s main weapons, swords, lances, and axes. Using a sword against an enemy using an axe will give you bonuses, but using a sword against a lance enemy will give your opponent the advantage. Many fans have grown to love this mechanic and expect it in all Fire Emblem games, but does Fire Emblem Engage have a weapon triangle?

Is there a weapon triangle in Fire Emblem Engage?

Yes, the weapon triangle does return in Fire Emblem Engage, but with some added upgrades to its formula. The standard rule still applies; swords beat axes, axes beat lances, and lances beat swords, but there are more weapon types in the game, including magic, bows, knives, and martial arts. These four do not affect the regular weapon triangle in any way and do not have a triangle themselves. The only thing to consider is that martial arts beat magic, bows, and knives.

Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Triangle
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The added upgrades to this formula are the break system. If a sword user attacks an axe user — which they are effective against — they will break the enemy’s stance. Breaking an enemy’s stance means they can’t counterattack you for the rest of the turn, leaving them vulnerable. When planning your turns and how to best defend yourself during enemy turns, you’ll need to consider the break system deeply. Enemies can break you on their turn, and sometimes counterattacking during an enemy phase might be your strategy, so be careful of where you place your units.

Rock, paper, scissors may seem like a simple mechanic, but they can add a lot to a strategy game that relies heavily on your using its mechanics to their fullest. Fans of the system will be happy that it’s back in Fire Emblem Engage.