Does Grounded have a split-screen multiplayer mode?

Cooperation is key.


Image via Microsoft Game Studios

When it comes to survival games, there is always strength in numbers. Having a friend by your side to help you out increases your chances of survival tenfold, allowing you to work together to take down enemies, while also pooling together your resources in order to craft and create a safe space that allows both of you to survive the night.

Grounded is a game all about survival, and one that sees you needing to build bases, tackle spiders and other giant creepy crawlies, and collect as many resources as you can. With numerous recipes for you to learn in order to craft better equipment to help you survive, playing with a friend has never been more important than in Grounded.

The game shares a number of similar themes to games such as Minecraft, with an atmosphere similar to the classic Disney movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. However, Minecraft allows players to share the experience on the same screen, meaning that friends can play together on the same device. 

Unfortunately, Grounded currently does not offer a split-screen option for friends to play together on the same Xbox One or PC. You can host a server online that will allow friends to join you, but they would need to be on separate devices in order to play together.

Considering the amount of detailed foliage in the game, it would seem unlikely that split-screen would be a possible addition in the future. However, as it currently stands, you will have to settle for one screen per player.