Does Guilty Gear Strive have cross-play?

It’s complicated.

Image via Arc System Works

The highly anticipated fighting game title Guilty Gear Strive is exciting fans on PS4, PS5, and PC, but will cross-play be enabled between all systems? Well, it gets complicated.

Can PS4 and PS5 owners play together?

Yes. As long as your friends are on the PlayStation Network, you can invite each other into lobbies or find each other in online rooms. You may experience longer load times on PS5 than usual, but it’s easy to pummel your PSN pals online.

Can PC and PlayStation players battle each other?

At the time of writing, there are no confirmed plans to allow PC players to compete against console fighters. However, the developer Arc System Works says that it will investigate if crossplay can be integrated into the game after launch. A designer of the game Riku Ozawa mentioned in an interview with Yui Chubu that PlayStation Network and PC crossplay would be tough but not impossible. This is the gist that Twitter user Shinjinbaiken was able to translate from the video: “PSN-PC crossplay is very difficult but not impossible, but before Arc System Works even tries that, they need to at least complete development of Guilty Gear Strive.”

Connection issues plagued the first two betas of Guilty Gear Strive with frequent disconnects and lobby system issues so focusing on the current connective tissue is likely Arc System Works’ strategy right now. The company also had to delay the game by a few months to make sure the online systems work properly. When ASW gets a handle on these faults, we might hear more about cross-platform play as it’s becoming a trend in the fighting game genre.