Does High on Life have multiplayer? Answered

No friends allowed.

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First-person shooters are great for experiencing with friends. Whether it is a competitive or cooperative playstyle, these kinds of games have more than proven to be viable areas to have fun with friends and family members. Not every game wants to work in a multiplayer mode to go along with its single-player play. With High on Life being a game that should bring many Rick and Morty fans out to see what the deal is, are there any multiplayer modes in it?

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Can you play High on Life in multiplayer?

Unfortunately, for people who prefer playing games with friends, High on Life has no multiplayer modes, either for competitive or cooperative play. It is a straightforward single-player experience all the way through, with no indication of any multiplayer set to come in the future.

This is not necessarily uncommon ground for Squanch Games, the development team for High on Life. They have made quite a few games now that are meant just to be enjoyed by one person on their platform of choice. They seem to prefer this kind of storytelling since it is probably the easiest way to adapt the kind of comedy you see in Rick and Morty to video game form. While there is potential for a future title to adapt to a multiplayer experience, it is not High on Life.

While High on Life can not be played with a friend, we do recommend having someone there with you to enjoy the game’s jokes and other forms of humor. You may know someone who enjoys Justin Roiland’s work, but they may not be a gamer. You can both get a lot of enjoyment out of it by having them sit by you and enjoy the adventure while you play.