Does Hood: Outlaws & Legends have crossplay?

Thieves need to rely on each other.

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Image by Focus Home Interactive

To the satisfaction of the overall gaming community, crossplay is increasingly becoming the norm in multiplayer games set on multiple platforms. Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a game that lends itself perfectly to crossplay, since it requires cooperative play to pull off the biggest heists to steal from the rich and give to the poor. As is the case with every online multiplayer game, a larger pool of players means faster times to get into a match, and an overall more enjoyable experience. So, does Hood: Outlaws & Legends have crossplay?

Hood: Outlaws & Legends does support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox. Players on PlayStation cannot play with other platforms at launch. Unfortunately, it is not all good news, though, as players cannot create a party with friends on different platforms at launch because the development team didn’t want to require players to create a dedicated account for the feature. Developer Sumo Digital has stated that they will consider implementing cross-platform parties depending on player feedback post-launch.

Although you will not be able to party up with friends on other platforms, the use of crossplay will ensure there is always a larger player base to draw from than usual on PC and Xbox. If you want to let the development team know you want to invite your friends from other platforms into a team, go to the game’s forums and let your voice be heard.