Does Kerbal Space Program 2 have multiplayer?

Get to the Mun before your friends.

Image via Intercept Games

The only thing more fun than shooting rockets into space is doing it with a friend. Despite its complexity, Kerbal Space Program has a dedicated fan base, and that fan base would love to share their favorite space adventures with friends. However, did Intercept Games figure out how make these trajectory physics and math equations into a multiplayer experience?

Is there multiplayer in Kerbal Space Program 2?

As of right now, no. Kerbal Space Program 2 is not multiplayer. Technically, no Kerbal Space Program game has been. At best, the original title had a “multiplayer” option that basically just had you and a friend playing single-player games side by side. There was little to no real interaction. Even if the “single-player mode together” option comes to Kerbal Space Program 2 in the future, it won’t be traditional, tag-team multiplayer. So, if you want to help your friend play Kerbal Space Program, you’re better off back-seat gaming.

Multiplayer options in the future

While there is no chance for multiplayer gameplay right now, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible in the future. There are quite a few Kerbal Space Program features that aren’t yet part of this sequel. Intercept Games plan to add more gameplay with time, including many KSP classic features like careers and interstellar travel. Multiplayer is on the Kerbal Space Program 2 road map, even if it’s near the bottom of their additions list. In its description, the Kerbal Space Program 2 multiplayer is described as “more launch locations” and “explore with friends.” That could mean exploring the same new worlds in your own separate games or exploring them together.

However, no one knows if this multiplayer will be exactly like the KSP multiplayer or if it’s actually more integrated and interactive. As long as the performance problems improve and you have the right specs, teamwork multiplayer could be a real possibility. Fans will simply have to wait and see.