Does Machop have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

What are the chances?

Avid collectors in Pokémon Go are consistently eager to expand their PokéDex however they can. Capturing all of the Pokémon is one method, but another is finding a Pokémon’s shiny form. It’s a rare and unique appearance to the Pokémon standard look, making them stand out, even if they don’t have the best stats. For those eager to capture a unique Machamp, does Machop have a shiny version?

The answer is yes. Machop has a shiny form that appears vastly different from its traditional look. Rather than having a grey body, it will have a darker yellow shading. When it reaches Machamp, it will have a sharper, green tone.

For those wanting to have a higher chance of encounter a shiny Machop, there’s a better chance during its Community Day, which is happening on January 16, 2021. It should be spawning more frequently in the wild, which means during that event will be one of the better chances you capture it. This is not the only opportunity you have to find a shiny Machop, but it does help your chances dramatically.

Machamp is one of the better Fighting-type Pokémon in the mobile game. With the newly added XL candy forms, Machamp is even more sought after than ever as a worthy candidate to dominate the Master League. Even if you don’t capture a shiny Machop during the Community Day event, having extra XL candies is never a bad thing.