Can you catch a shiny Machop in Pokémon Go?

What are the chances?

Having a shiny Machop in Pokémon Go would be a nice addition to any player. The final form, Machamp, is one of the better Fighting-type Pokémon in the game, capable of being a powerful combatant in player battles or larger raids. However, Machamp is a glass cannon, but it’s a solid choice and one we routinely recommend for you to catch. Can you catch a shiny Machop in Pokémon Go?

Is there a shiny Machop?

We can confirm Machop does have a shiny version in Pokémon Go. There’s always a chance when you encounter a Machop in the wild; it could turn out to be a shiny version of this Pokémon. After you catch it, you will need to evolve it to acquire a shiny Machoke and a shiny Machamp. You might be after a shiny Machop to add it to your PokéDex, but hopefully, you can catch a strong one to use against other players. You will want to ensure it learns the best moveset possible to get the most of this choice during those battles.

Machop is frequently available in the wild as an increased spawn for many events, as a Field Research task reward, or you might hatch it from an egg in your inventory. Regardless of how you find the Machop, there’s always a chance it could be a shiny version. Unfortunately, it’s a common Pokémon, which means it has a low probability of appearing in this form. We recommend using incense on your character or placing a lure down during special events to have more opportunities to catch Machop, such as during its Spotlight Hour event.