Does Medieval Dynasty have multiplayer? Answered

Can you play Medieval Dynasty in co-op mode with friends? Let’s find out.

Image via Toplitz Productions

Medieval Dynasty is an open-world survival game set in Europe during the early Middle Ages. In a time where military conflict plagues the land and change is constantly happening, you play as a young man who has fled from the war and has decided to take his fate into his own hands. With nothing to his name and no resources, you must learn the ways of the world and shape yourself into a competent leader who can bring hope to his community. The game features multiple chapters where you can take on quests and explore the game’s vast world. With so much to do and many places to explore in the game, Medieval Dynasty seems like the perfect title to play with friends. So the question is, does Medieval Dynasty have multiplayer?

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Can you play Medieval Dynasty in co-op multiplayer with friends?

Image via Render Cube

At the time of writing, Medieval Dynasty does not feature a co-op mode and is purely a single-player experience. However, a co-op mode will be coming to the game sometime this year. According to a roadmap released in July 2022 by the publisher Toplitz Productions, numerous features and content, including a co-op mode will be added to Medieval Dynasty.

In terms of making good on their promises, the Heir Update was released in August 2022, and the game was ported to consoles in October 2022. So the development team is making swift progress on fulfilling each milestone on the roadmap. With that being taken into account and the fact the developer has recently asked players what they would like to see in the upcoming co-op mode, fans of the game should expect the mode to be added in the second half of 2023.