How to get straw in Medieval Dynasty

A scarce resource.

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Straw is a crucial resource in Medieval Dynasty, a popular survival and simulation game set in medieval times. It is used for various purposes, including building and maintaining structures, feeding and bedding livestock, and crafting different materials. However, unlike many resources in the game, Straw can be tricky to get in Medieval Dynasty, especially if you are not willing to spend the in-game currency.

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Where to find straw in Medieval Dynasty

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The most straightforward way of obtaining straw in the Medieval Dynasty is through harvesting Reeds, which is a plant that grows year-long on the riverbanks. However, you can only collect 1-2 from a single plant, so accumulating a few might take some time. If you are unaware, Reeds can be produced by Miners.

When Oats, Rye, or Wheat are threshed at the barn, straw is produced as a by-product. Hence, farmers assigned to produce different grains will also generate straw.

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Can you steal Straw in Medieval Dynasty?

Lastly, you can also steal straw from the nearby villages. Unsurprisingly, this is unethical and might be detrimental to your reputation in the long run. Regardless, if you are willing to take this approach, go to nearby villages and look for available straws. Once you find one, go near it and hold “E” to grab it. Remember, if any villager spots you stealing the straw, they will get negative thoughts about you, ultimately affecting their attitude towards you. If you are planning to grab straws from another village, make sure that you are unseen.

In Medieval Dynasty, straw is required to craft Animal Feed, Daub, Flat Straw Hat, Simple Torch, and Straw Hat. It is also used to construct Archery targets and buildings with thatch roofs.