Does MLB The Show 21 have crossplay?

Xbox players get to play The Show for the first time ever, but can they play against PlayStation’s player base?

Image via Sony San Diego

Crossplay has steadily continued to rise in popularity in the gaming industry in recent years. It is quickly becoming more of a standard practice for games available on multiple platforms to have crossplay multiplayer. MLB The Show 21 is the first game in the series to make its way to new platforms, being playable on Xbox alongside PlayStation as usual. Will players on either side be able to play with friends on the other platform?

For any players that have friends on the other platform for MLB The Show 21, you will be able to play baseball games against them. Luckily, it also very easy to make sure you have crossplay enabled.

From the main menu, select your profile icon in the top left of the screen. This will open up the My Ballplayer section. Instead, tab over to My Profile. On the right side of your player icon, you will see an option to turn crossplay on or off. Of course, you need to have an online connection to switch this on. You can also access this by going to Settings, then choosing Mode-Specific.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the left side of the player icon is your friends list. That is the spot where you can add your friends from other platforms so you can invite them into games. There are no limitations when it comes to playing against people on other platforms, and with crossplay enabled, you will also be matched up against them even in the Online Rated modes for competitive players.