Does My Time at Sandrock have multiplayer and co-op? Answered

Helping out your friends in battle or in their search of essential crafting materials would be great for My Time at Sandrock.

Image via Pathea Games

My Time at Sandrock, since its release in May, has been received well by its audience with a Mostly Positive reception on Steam, but is multiplayer and co-op in the game currently? Read on to find out.

Can you play with your friends in My Time at Sandrock?

As of the time of writing, you can’t join your friends or perhaps enemies in My Time of Sandrock. However, the developer of My Time at Sandrock, Pathea Games, has claimed that it will be implemented later this year. We’ve been told the game will support up to four players simultaneously in co-op as well.

“Early Access players will have the opportunity to play the multiplayer mode in its early stages later this year,” said Yang on the My Time at Sandrock Kickstarter blog on May 25. As My Time at Sandrock is being developed, more features like co-op and perhaps multiplayer will be implemented through updates. Currently, My Time at Sandrock is only a single-player experience.

The first multiplayer global test will start around late August to early September this year for a limited time, and then there will be one more playtest in October. The multiplayer co-op mode should then be released by the end of 2022 for Early Access players if everything goes smoothly.

What’s in My Time at Sandrock currently?

Currently, the single-player story has the first act and you’ll be able to complete romance and friendship missions when they are included in the game. Yang from the My Time at Sandrock team has said there are around 20-30 hours of gameplay in the current build. You’ll be able to explore the desert city and Pathea Games has said there will be “more content, features, voiceovers, bugfixes, optimizations, and more to be added over time.”

There’s an incentive to buy My Time at Sandrock early as it’s currently cheaper than what it will be when the 1.0 version releases.

While you wait for the co-op to release, we recommend that you increase your storage space and upgrade your workshop for when the time finally comes.

My Time at Sandrock is launching on PC first, but console ports are currently planned at Pathea Games. It will be developing those ports in-house. There is no word on whether or not crossplay will be supported.