Does Ninjala need Nintendo Online membership?

Do you need a paid membership to play Ninjala?

Ninjala is a brand new free-to-play game that focuses on ninja movements and their gum to craft weapons to take out enemy players in a battle arena. While being free-to-play, the game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, where in most cases, you have to have a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to play. Is that the case here?

Does Ninjala require a Nintendo Switch Online membership?

For anyone not looking to pay the $19.99 for a year membership, you are in luck because Ninjala does not require an active membership to play against others. Per the official game’s website, “You can enjoy playing Ninjala online even if you do not have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.”

While the main multiplayer game is free itself and you can play with your friends, there is also a single-player story mode you can purchase if you decide you want to dive deeper into the game’s world and play while offline.

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