Does One Piece Odyssey have multiplayer?

Never leave a crewmate behind.

Image via Bandai Namco

One Piece Odyssey is an original story placing the Straw Hat crew in a turn-based RPG, where they can go through their previous adventures, using the experienced they’ve learned from their many years sailing the sea. Because One Piece Odyssey is a larger game, there will be a lot to do, but can you bring a friend with you? Here’s what you need to know about if One Piece Odyssey has any multiplayer mechanics.

Can you play multiplayer on One Piece Odyssey?

We can confirm that One Piece Odyssey is a single-player adventure. You won’t be able to play any online game elements with your friends, and there will not be a co-op mechanic that you can unlock to have a friend play alongside you. This is purely a single-player RPG experience, but you can play as all of the main characters from the One Piece story.

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It does not look like publisher Bandai Namco has plans to include a multiplayer element to the series, which would make sense. It’s unlikely it would make sense to add any of these elements to the game. The story itself is a self-contained adventure, and it is not considered a part of the main canon story and likely won’t be added to the manga, similar to many of the other games and movies in the One Piece universe.

The main story of One Piece Odyssey focuses on the Straw Hat crew losing their various powers, becoming weaker for a short time, as they slowly relearn these abilities and get their strength power. Along the way, they’re going to revisit multiple critical moments from throughout their history with each other, such as returning to the Alabasta Arc or the Enies Lobby Arc, where the crew had to rescue one of their crewmates, Nico Robin, from the World Government.