Does Sons of the Forest have VR support? Answered

A new perspective, or not?

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is a survival game that is currently in early access, and a sequel to the 2014 game The Forest. Like its predecessor, players will have to endure and survive on an island filled with unprecedented horror. The game has amazing graphics and engaging gameplay that makes it really enjoyable to play. One of the things that players might be wondering is whether it will have VR Support. So, let’s find out if you’ll be able to play Sons of the Forest in VR.

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Will Sons of the Forest have VR Support?

At the moment, Sons of the Forest will not have VR support. The developers also haven’t said anything that indicates VR support coming to the game. As mentioned before the game is in early access and the developers are probably focused on improving various aspects of the gameplay. The Steam page of the game also doesn’t mention VR support. But, that doesn’t mean that VR Support won’t ever have VR Support. The Forest did not have VR support until it was officially launched in 2018. That is, four years after it was released in early access. So, if history is any indication, Sons of the Forest has a high probability of getting a VR Mode, but when or after it’s officially released isn’t known.

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Sons of the Forest is a visually impressive game and it would be certainly enjoyable to play the game in VR mode. But, since Sons of the Forest is in early access, the developers at Endnight Games will first need to sort out current bugs as well as any gameplay improvements before they can move on to features like implementing VR Support.