Does Steam Deck download while in sleep mode? Answered

Do two things at the same time?

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Since the Steam Deck is both a portable gaming device and a PC, there are some nuances that owners need to get acquainted with when using it. One such nuance is attempting to figure out whether a game can either be downloaded or updated when the Steam Deck is in sleep mode. If you’re wondering whether this can be done, we have an answer for that.

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Steam Deck downloads in sleep mode

Unfortunately, Steam deck owners who want to download games or updates and keep the console in sleep mode won’t be able to do both. This is because the Deck must be active in order for it to process any downloads.

If you’re concerned about draining the battery while attempting to download something, make sure to plug it in via a power cord. However, if you’re concerned about leaving the screen on, there’s a bit of a workaround for that.

One way to download something on the deck, but to keep the screen from constantly being on, is by going into Desktop Mode. Hit the Steam button on the left-hand side of the console, and then select the ‘Power’ option. From there, select ‘Switch to Desktop’ to go into Desktop mode.

Then, go into the ‘Control Panel’ to find the ‘Power Management’ settings. There, you can set the parameters for how you want to let the screen stay on while being inactive on the portable PC. This should provide somewhat of a solution for those concerned about the screen.

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If the Steam Deck is in dock mode, you could also turn the screen off while a download is in progress if that is also a concern.