Does The Outer Worlds Have Cheats?


The Outer Worlds is out, sending you on a sprawling adventure through space. You’ll be doing a lot of talking to different NPCs as you try to make life better, or worse, for the people you meet. You will also be shooting a lot of people in the face because that is just what happens in space. People are wondering if The Outer Worlds has any classic cheats to make gameplay a bit less serious and a bit more fun.

Does The Outer Worlds Have Cheats?

The Outer Worlds does not have any official cheats. Many games will allow you to enter cheat codes that will alter the game in some way. Classic cheats give you unlimited ammo, or infinite lives, or enemies big heads. They can differ between game-breaking and just plain funny, but The Outer Worlds doesn’t have any official cheat options.

You can find tables for Cheat Engine already, however. They will give things like Infinite Health, Infinite Ammo, turn off durability, allow you to alter how much XP you have, and other effects.

I have no particular issues with cheat codes or mods that do similar things, in singleplayer experiences, but I do think The Outer Worlds deserves some play as the developers intended, it is an entertaining game.

Keep in mind that updates to the game will often break Cheat Engine tables or similar Trainers, so don’t expect these solutions to work flawlessly at all times.

If you need help with other parts of the game, we have lots of useful guides to help you out. If you need to know how to fast travel, where to get more ammo, how to change your outfit and armor, or how to change the difficulty setting, then we have you covered.

Best of luck in your new life as a colonist!