Does the storm reset loot in The Cycle: Frontier?

Know when you’re wasting your time.


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The Cycle: Frontier is a PvPvE game in which players drop onto Fortuna III in search of loot to make a living. The world is filled with riches and dangerous monsters and is occasionally ravaged by a powerful storm. This guide explains if the storm does reset the loot in The Cycle: Frontier and how the process works while you’re in the game.

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How does loot reset on Fortuna III?

Image via Yager

Storms do reset look in The Cycle: Frontier. The way this works is that the storm clears most players out from an area because the environment becomes too unstable and lethal to be in. While players are taking shelter elsewhere on the map, the loot in other areas covered by the storm is reset. This means you can pick up all the loot you want from an area, run away while the storm rages over it, then return to see if you can get anything better.

However, it’s well known among fans that this process of loot resetting doesn’t always work. Many players try to get the loot to reset in a tower or another location, only to return there to find that there’s no loot for them. It seems as though the resetting process isn’t guaranteed, though it’s also possible that factors such asĀ player numbers affect it. There’s also the possibility that if a player is too near the boundary of a location, the loot won’t reset.

With this in mind, it’s best to pick up everything that you can carry and then jump on a dropship to leave Fortuna III. Sell the loot you acquired on the station, then head back down to pick up even more loot from a refreshed map. This is the only guaranteed way to reset the map’s loot consistently, but it’s far from quick. It will allow you to complete quests faster, because you won’t waste time only grabbing the rare items you can find.