Does The Cycle: Frontier have progress wipes like Escape From Tarkov? Answered

Brace for it.

The Cycle Frontier

Image via Yager

To anyone familiar with both games, it is no secret that The Cycle: Frontier borrows heavily from the design of Escape From Tarkov. Frontier wears its influences on its sleeve, which allows players to set better expectations for themselves about upcoming changes and features in the game. In a November 30, 2021 interview, developer Yager confirmed that one of Escape From Tarkov’s most central progression systems will also be present in The Cycle: Frontier: periodic progress wipes.

These wipes will most likely happen in The Cycle: Frontier on a seasonal basis, coinciding with the end of each Battle Pass. Each time a wipe happens, players will lose all accumulated loot; that means all non-cosmetic equipment and currency, including weapons and resources. It is not clear whether Headquarters upgrades will be reset. We will have a better idea of the extent of seasonal progress wipes when The Cycle: Frontier officially launches.

If you have never played The Cycle: Frontier or Escape from Tarkov, you may be wondering why this system even exists. Seasonal wipes ensure that every few months, all The Cycle: Frontier players find themselves on an even playing field. Yager deems this necessary because the game’s PvP design revolves heavily around equipment, giving an overwhelming advantage to players who have been able to accumulate more loot over time. Wipes may not be the most elegant or satisfying solution — shifting power away from equipment and into player skill comes to mind — but they have proven to work in Escape From Tarkov, and for the moment they are slated to be a part of The Cycle: Frontier as well.