Does Tower of Fantasy have guilds? Answered

It’s only better with friends.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy has been a hit among gacha gamers, and the players are lining up to play Hotta Studio’s newest game. A fun aspect of the game is teaming up with friends or those you’ve met online and taking down challenges together, or even just exploring the world in the company of others. One leading to another, it’s only natural for players to wonder if there is a system in the game that could enable teaming up of groups of players into a cohesive, structured entity, such as a guild or alliance. In this guide, we have prepared an answer to just such a question.

Are there guilds in Tower of Fantasy?

The short answer is that yes, there are grouping systems already in place in Tower of Fantasy. Akin to something like Alliances, Clans, or Guilds from other games, in Tower of Fantasy, these are called Crews. You can create a Crew of your own or join an established one, and don’t worry about filling it out just yet, as there are 150 slots available in a single Crew. This means that there is plenty of room in a single Crew to fit all your friends, and probably some that you’ve made along the way as well. The one important restriction is that all of your crewmates have to be on the same Server together.

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What does a Crew do in Tower of Fantasy?

Besides the social aspect of playing the game together and always having someone to talk to, Crews can much more easily form Teams to tackle the hardest content in Tower of Fantasy. But that is not all. Crews also have a special Crew Store for its members. As you play together with a Crew, you will be gathering Honor points, which are special crew-only currency. The more powerful your Crew grows, the better stocked the Store can become, and in turn, you can spend your Honor points to buy items from this special store.