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Does Warframe have cross-progression saves?

Will you be able to keep your progress on another system?

With so many systems to play games on, players who make the switch to a new platform want one thing: cross-progression saves. Cross-progression saves allow users to continue where they left on from a different platform. Games like Hades and Fall Guys have cross-progression saves, so players won’t have to grind their way back to where they were previously, especially in a game like Fall Guys where you can use real-life money to purchase in-game items.

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Cross-progression saves are something that fans of the popular free-to-play game, Warframe, have been asking for years now. The game launched on PC back in March 2013 and since then, has amassed quite a player base and has even been released on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. With new consoles coming out every few years and new hardware that makes the gaming experience better, players have been itching to make the switch. So the question is, does Warframe have cross-progression saves?

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Does Warframe have cross-progression saves?

At the time of writing, Warframe does not have cross-progression save, but it is something that developer Digital Extreme has been working on. Right now, they’re focused on implementing crossplay, allowing players from different systems to play with each other. The first test for that rolled out back in September for PC and Xbox players and then again in October. Once that feature is fully rolled out to all consoles, they will start work on implementing cross-save. The developer hasn’t given players a timeframe on when crossplay will be fully-added to the game, so it’ll be a long time before players will hear any news regarding cross-progression saves. Players who have been waiting to make the switch to a new platform will just have to wait a little longer.

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