Does Warframe Support Crossplay?

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Warframe, the free-to-play game released in 2013, has gone from strength to strength. Digital Extremes initially launched the game on PC, before bringing it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and then finally to the Nintendo Switch in November of 2018. With Tenno playing across four different platforms, you might be wondering if the game supports Crossplay.

Unfortunately, Warframe does not support a Crossplay feature at this time. The developers have spoken about Crossplay in the past and mentioned that they want to bring to the game. While they have never gone into details about why this would be difficult to do, the answer seemingly lies in how the game handles multiplayer.

Shared servers facilitate crossplay in the majority of games. Gamers on different platforms don’t need to be able to communicate with each other, just with the server that they are playing on. Warframe uses a peer-to-peer connection, and player hosting for its multiplayer aspect. Without the buffer of a server between them, it could be an extra layer of difficulty to get Crossplay working in the game.

The issue would be further complicated by how Warframe updates are currently released. PC will get updates and new content first, with those same updates usually arriving on consoles within two-weeks after the certification process for the consoles manufacturers. Crossplay would require Digital Extremes to hold back content that was ready to go on one platform, to ensure parity of the player experience across all platforms. While the delay might seem annoying for console players, it usually means that they have not identified the bugs and issues by the time the content releases on those platforms.

WIth regard to PlayStation 5, Digital Extremes have confirmed that people moving from PS4 to PS5 will bring their progress with them thanks to cross save, and PlayStation fans will all still be playing together thanks to crossplay between the two consoles.