Does Wild Hearts have cross-progression?

Cross your heart and hope to save.

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Wild Hearts is a cooperative monster hunting game with extensive multiplayer and cross-platform features. To make cross-play work, all players who want to play Wild Hearts online must create and use an EA account to play with others. Cross-play and cross-progression often go hand in hand, and these features have become common in multiplayer games such as Warzone, Fortnite, and Destiny 2. Due to the cross-play and required EA accounts, many players have wondered if Wild Hearts will have cross-progression, and this guide will answer this question.

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Does Wild Hearts have cross-progression saves?

Unfortunately, Wild Hearts takes two steps forward but one step back regarding its online features. While it features excellent multiplayer and cross-play options, it does not feature cross-progression or cross-save of any kind. Usually, when a game requires an account system, cross-play, and cross-progression are soon to follow. Wild Hearts eschews that standard and joins other cross-play EA games such as Battlefield 2042 and Need for Speed Unbound as titles that don’t have cross saves or cross-progression.

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Wild Hearts does feature an extensive set of cross-play features across Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. You can create rooms or join randoms and even send cross-platform friend requests to hunt together. Despite these standout features, however, if you decide to play on a different platform, you will be required to create a new character and start the adventure from scratch all over again.

The console versions of Wild Hearts work great, and cross-play is a seamless feature that functions well. The PC version is suffering from severe stutters and lag drops. It can play cross-play between PC and consoles and cause extreme latency between players. Find the version you like and stick with it to avoid worrying about the lack of cross-progression.