Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle – Genshin Imapct

Under pressure.

As you explore Dragonspine, you may come across a pressure plate puzzle on the snowy regions western age, right near the Sal Terrace, to the northwest of the Entombed City.

In this guide, we will show you how to solve this puzzle, and get the Luxurious Chest reward for doing so. You will also get a Crimson Agate for completing this puzzle.

First, you need to expose all the pressure plates, as one is hidden by some peculiar ice. There is a Scarlet Quartz located on a path to the left as you face the puzzle wall, so run up there and grab it then come back and break the peculiar ice to reveal a hidden pressure plate.

It is a good idea to light the nearby brazier with some Pyro ability so that you don’t get hit with Sheer Cold while you are working on the puzzle.

Now that you have exposed the final pressure plate, you need to step on them all in the correct order. You can see the order below if you are facing the puzzle with the wall on your left, and Sal Terace on your right.

You will need to stand on the plates for a couple of moments to fully activate them before you can move on to the next one. Make sure you do this so you don’t end up missing one and entering them in the wrong order.

When you have finished, a Luxurious chest will spawn, and you will be rewarded with a Crimson Agate when you open it.