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Ranking all the classes in Dungeonborne
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Dungeonborne Classes Tier List – Which Class To Pick (July 2024)

Ranking all the classes available in the game.

Dungeonborne is an upcoming first-person PvPvE dungeon crawler. It lets you explore creepy dungeons, go against increasingly tough enemies, and safely extract with all your loot. Since the game is going to be quite competitive, it’s only natural that you’ll want to be running a good character class that fits your playstyle. To help you make your decision, I’ve ranked all the Dungeonborne classes in a tier list.

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Tier List Ranking All The Classes In Dungeonborne

Dungeonborne class tier list - ranking all the classes according to their effectiveness in the game.
Source: Mithril Interactive/TierMaker via Gamepur
SCryomancer, Rogue
APyromancer, Druid, Priest
CSwordmaster, Death Knight

At the time of writing, Dungeonborne’s playtest will give you a choice between 8 distinct classes divided into three races; Human, Elf, and the Undead. Each class falls into a typical RPG category of DPS, Healer, Mage, etc.

Although each class has its pros and cons, some are just simply better in terms of raw power, ease of usage, and general effectiveness in several situations. These are also the factors on which I based my Dungeonborne class tier list.

What Is The Best Class In Dungeonborne?

I’ll be briefly explaining each class mentioned in this Dungeonborne tier list, their skills, advantages, and disadvantages to help you make the final selection.

Cryomancer – Ice Element Mage

Dungeonborne best classes - Cryomancer
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Cryomancer is a formidable class that uses the ice element to damage enemies and freeze them in place. Their tanky nature and range of ice-based skills make them quite versatile in facing enemies head-on and from a safe distance.

Since this class is from the undead race, they’ll require you to defeat enemies and absorb their soul essence to regenerate energy. In terms of raw DPS, they also lack major firepower and cannot healed by holy magic from a teammate.

Active SkillsExplanation
Ice StormCreates an Ice Storm as a core which further summons strong Blizzard for 5 seconds which deals cold damage to enemies and gradually freezes/disables them in place.
Ice BarrierCryomancer encases themselves in an Ice Barrier that protects them from damage and regenerates their health over time.
Passive skillsrequirementexplanation
Permafrost30 DexterityRestores minor soul energy on critical hits.
Frostbite33 StaminaThe first phase of Ice Storm does double damage.
Cryotherapy45 WillAccumulates stacks that can be used after activating Frost Barrier to get additional life.
Frost Echoes44 IntelligenceApplies shield to allies during the second phase of Ice Storm.
Arctic Maelstorm81 IntelligenceIncrease the damage of the Blizzard based on how far Cryomancer is from it.

Rogue – Stealth Burst DPS

Dungeonborne best classes - Rogue
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Rogue is high on our tier list as it’s been our favorite class and to play as in Dungeonborne. This class has agility which means getting close to or far away from enemies is faster. They deal increased damage when attacking enemies from behind making them masters at surprise attacks.

You’ll be able to turn (nearly) invisible to sneak past enemies or target the weaker of the bunch to quickly eliminate them. You’ll also be able to paralyze enemies with skills. However, grouped-up enemies will be able to take you down relatively easily due to low HP stats.

Active skillsexplanation
Petrifying PoisonInflicts Petrify status on enemies which disables them for 10 seconds. The disabled enemies can’t take damage.
VanishMakes you nearly invisible for 15 seconds and the first attack after activation is a guaranteed critical hit.
Passive SkillsRequirementexplanation
Evaporate62 DexterityAutomatically vanishes after killing an enemy.
Featherfoot93 DexterityMove faster in stealth.
Ambush29 StrengthAdds life-stealing properties to Rogue’s first attack during stealth.
Toxic Bolts60 StrengthApplies Petrifying Poison to ranged weapons.
Toxic Cloak36 StaminaEnters stealth after inflicting petrify status.

Pyromancer – Fire Element Mage

Dungeonborne best classes - Pyromancer
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Pyromancer is a magic user class that can shoot fireballs at enemies that inflict AOE damage. It’s most effective at fighting from a distance as enemies will make quick work of him at close range due to weak HP stats.

The slow movement speed also doesn’t work in its favor when creating distance between you and enemies. However, it has the ability to levitate which can help you get out of range of enemy attacks. Being a mage, Pyromancer holds mastery over magical weapons and can deal increased damage in certain scenarios.

Active Skillsexplanation
PyroblastNormal activation launches 3 homing fireballs at enemies while charging it up launches one big fireball that does massive fire damage.
Fire BlastSends out a firey shockwave that knocks back enemies, deals small fire damage and slows them down.
Passive SkillsRequirementexplanation
Rekindle42 WillReset the fire blast cooldown on the kill.
Swift Casting30 DexterityCuts down the time to channel the next fireball by half after hitting an enemy with the first one.
Ignite50 IntelligenceActive skills put enemies under Ignite status which inflicts fire damage over time.
Iris of Fire87 IntelligenceCreates a Fire Eye when targeting a fire source which automatically attacks enemies and causes short ignition.
Fire Shield24 StaminaWhile using Fire Blast, gain a shield for a short duration.

Druid – Shapeshifting Summoner

Dungeonborne best classes - Druid
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Druid is the latest addition to the classes in the playtest. This Elf class uses nature’s energy to transform into a panther to boost mobility and remove debuffs. They can also summon big tree-looking monsters called Treants who immediately start attacking enemies in their vicinity.

The skills Druids wield paired with short-term increased mobility make them effective in both close and long-range combat. However, you should keep energy consumption in mind while using skills as if it depletes during fighting, things can turn ugly.

Active SkillsExplanation
Primal AwakeningRemoves all negative effects and transforms Druid into Panther Form. This form increases movement speed by 100. It costs 30 Primal Energy on activation and consumes 4 Primal Energy every second after transformation.
Force of NatureSummons a Treant monster that attacks enemies nearby which grants a shield to Druid. You can use Shadow Assault to direct Treant’s attacks toward specific enemies.
RevertRevert to human form after transformation
Shadow AssaultConsume Primal Energy to lunge forward and deal shadow damage to enemies on landing. You can restore primal energy with basic attacks and using Shadow Assault in Panther Form.
Passive SkillsRequirementExplanation
Predatory Sense36 DexteritySense enemy players within 30m in Panther Form.
Seed Pods45 WillHold additional charge of the Force of Nature
Hunter’s Focus81 IntelligenceShadow Assault restores Primal Energy.
Natural Swiftness27 StaminaReduces Force of Nature cooldown to 30 seconds.
Nature’s Breath44 StaminaTreant summoned by the Force of Nature skill gets an additional 150-point shield.

Priest – Healer and Stats Booster

Dungeonborne best classes - Priest
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Priest is an invaluable support class that uses holy spells to help teammates and heal their HP. Base defense stats might not be great, but its protection spells give it a shield that also increases movement speed.

The Priest class wields fire, and lightning spells and can also deal physical damage to enemies. To top it all off, it’s the only class that has the ability to resurrect fallen teammates. Due to being a support class, it’s not recommended to play it solo as it has weak damage output.

Active SkillsExplanation
Divine GuidendaceCasts a spell in a targeted area that heals teammates and damaged enemies within its radius.
Divine GuidanceGives a shield to a specific teammate or themselves which grants immunity to damage.
Passive SkillsRequirementExplanation
Cleansing Rites38 FaithCleanses all debuffs from a target and gives immunity from debuffs for a short duration.
Resurrection75 FaithAbility to revive teammates but can be used once per adventure. The ability can reset if players use a corrupted portal.
Faithful30 StaminaRestore moderate mana on critical hits.
Benediction48 IntelligenceAdds additional charge to Divine Protection.
Recompense24 DexterityHealing will also increase target’s movement speed.

Fighter – Versatile Tank

Dungeonborne best classes - Fighter
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

The Fighter is your regular tanky knight class that can wield almost every weapon in Dungeonborne. It specializes in close combat with high DPS, good mobility, and strong AOE damaging skills.

This is a particularly great choice for solo players who wish to have a standard “Dark Souls” dungeon-crawling experience. However, that is pretty much it. It doesn’t have any cool skills (besides spinning like a Beyblade) or unique gameplay mechanics. Even though it’s a pretty effective class, it comes off as boring in comparison to other classes on this list. But that’s just our opinion.

Active Skillsexplanation
WhirlwindStarts to spin in 3rd-person dealing high damage to all enemies around your character.
RushA quick but brief dash forward towards the aimed direction.
passive skillsrequirementexplanation
Proficiency50 StrengthModerately increases Whirlwind speed.
Fired Up87 StrengthRush cooldown resets on enemy kill.
Vengeful Riposte33 DexterityNext attack after parrying/blocking will be a critical hit.
Weapon Mastery42 StaminaWhirlwind gains a shield on activation.
Restraint27 WillDeactivates friendly-fire as Fighter won’t be able to damage or receive damage from teammates.

Swordmaster – Ranged Fighter

Dungeonborne best classes - Swordmaster
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Swordmaster’s whole gameplay mechanic is based on stocking up on multiple swords to use in skill which makes it a difficult class to use in Dungeonborne. It can transform the swords equipped in slots into magic-enchanted blades that deal burst damage to enemies.

They’re also an effective melee combatant that can deal decent damage to enemies. However, you’ll need to use skills to survive the increasing difficulty of the dungeons. The skills themselves are pretty resource-intensive to use.

Active SkillsExplanation
Psionic BladesCreates 4 magical blades that deal high damage to enemies and restore small HP.
Whirling BladeCreates a single Psionic sword that whirls around Swordmaster and damages enemies for 8 seconds.
Passive SkillsREquirementExplanation
Momentum35 DexterityHitting an enemy with Psionic Blades increases the critical strike chance for 5 seconds.
Crippling Strike72 DexterityPsionic blades slow down the enemy’s movement speed for 5 seconds.
Healing Scabbard54 StrengthHP recovered by Psionic blades is increased significantly.
Deflection36 StaminaWhirling Blade reduces Swordmaster damage received for the duration of activation.
Flurry of Blades27 WillSkill cooldown reduction after shooting 3-4 swords.

Death Knight – Hybrid of Tank and Mage

Dungeonborne best classes - Death Knight
Source: Mithril Interactive via Gamepur

Death Knight was one of our favorite classes in previous playtests. However, it has been heavily modified/nerfed in the latest Dungeonborne build. It has a range of great skills that do decent AOE damage and can also pull enemies from afar.

The biggest downside to using the Death Knight class is that you won’t receive healing from holy magic in a squad making it harder for you to survive. This fact, paired with a very low mobility gets Death Knight ranked at the bottom of our Dungeonborne tier list, despite its cool Grasp of the Grave skill.

Active SkillsExplanation
Soul ShroudSummons evil spirits that slow down and damage enemies nearby which scales with your Strength, Will, and Intelligence stats.
Grasp of the GravePull enemies and teammates from afar into melee range. It also deals a small amount of Shadow damage.
Passive SkillsRequirementExplanation
Soul Reaper42 IntelligenceGrasp of the Grave cooldown will reset after killing an enemy.
Life Steal24 WillGain small HP for every Soul Essence orb absorbed.
Grim Harvest45 StrengthOn hitting an enemy with Grasp of the Dead will restore some Soul Energy.
Endless Torment33 DexterityAfter activating Soul Shroud, each absorbed soul energy will extend the skill’s duration.
Soul Cage39 StaminaGain a shield on activating the Soul Shroud.

The classes in this Dungeonborne tier list are quite distinct from one another. However, you may even find the ones in the lower tier to fit your playstyle better and that’s totally fine. These rankings are purely based on our impressions from the Dungeonborne Playtest. Classes may get buffed or nerfed in future patches leading up to final release so these rankings are not yet final.

Players have been reporting crashes in the game. If you’re also experiencing it, I recommend checking out our Dungeonborne crashing error fix guide.

If you like checking out tier lists, I recommend reading our The First Descendant character tier list or Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo tier list.

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