Europa Class quest guide – Destiny 2 – Perdition Stasis-sealed chest location

Another lost sector Stasis-sealed chest.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

Another Europa quest you can do is the Europa Class, and it has you visiting Perdition, one of the lost sectors you can explore in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion. The area is right in the middle of the moon, but it can be a little difficult for some players to locate. After you find it and later return to that location, you’ll need to find the Stasis-sealed chests inside. These chests are typically only accessible after you’ve completed the Beyond Light campaign.

Perdition Stasis-sealed chest location 1

The first Stasis-sealed chest is right at the entrance when you first battle the Vex defending the location. It’s a good idea to clear out that location, and then unseal the chest once you have a free moment.

After you have the chest, you can immediately return to Variks or choose to continue through the rest of the location and complete the lost sector. Once you return to Variks, he’ll have another piece of armor for you that you can equip to your Guardian to increase their light level.