Europa Legs quest guide – Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Another quest on Europa.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

A quest you can receive from Variks the Loyal is called Europa Legs in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. It’s a quest you can start on Europa after you’ve done a little bit of the campaign. It gives you the chance to explore the planet and investigate the area to the west.

Step 1 – Where is Bray Exoscience?

The first step in the quest is for you to visit Bray Exoscience. It’s a specific location on Europa, and you need to find a Statis-sealed chest. These chests are only available if you have a connection to the Stasis, so you won’t be able to unlock it unless you have it. Bray Exoscience is to the west of Cadmus Ridge.

The specific chest you want to find will have a Stasis lock on it, which looks like a miniature pyramid. Approach it, and it should have you unseal it after interacting with it.

Step 2

After clearing the chest and obtaining its contents, you need to return to Variks the Loyal. You can do this by teleporting to Charon’s Crossing and then proceeding to the building in front of you when you load in. You’ll receive a pair of boots for your trouble, which is a great way to help you increase your light level while you explore Europa.