Every Class’s Perks and Ultimates in Super People

Twelve characters, with nine skills each, upgradable three times, and a separate ultimate.

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Super People gives players the option to step into the shoes of one of twelve classes, and class selection is randomized to an extent. Players can opt to use in-game currency to select their classes, but otherwise, it’s randomized among the currently available twelve.

Note that perks are also not picked by players but instead procured based on experience gained in gameplay and consuming capsules found during a match. Here’s the breakdown for each class: what the perks are, how to use them, and what to expect in a match of Super People.

Use the classes linked below to select whatever class you’ve spawned as for the upcoming match. At the end of the match, you can use the ‘Back to Classes’ link to return to the top and select for the following match.


DriverFirearms ExpertGas SoldierGatling SoldierMarineNuclear
SeekerShotgun MasterSniperStrike ForceSwatTeleporter


The Driver is the current solo meta on the seasonal leaderboards for Super People by no small margin, with Drivers raking in hundreds of kills thanks to armored vehicles and bullet curving.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, SMG class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

High-speed Smart Bullet

  • Bullets curve towards enemies.
  • +5% damage increase.
  • +10% damage increase.

Smart Bullets won’t do all of your aiming for you, but it’s noticeable. When Mounted Combat also procs, it’s a brutal combination with combined damage buffs on weapons that rarely miss.

Mounted Combat

  • +30% mounted accuracy.
  • +5% mounted damage.
  • +10% mounted damage.

This perk card can almost fully mitigate accuracy debuffs from engaging inside of a vehicle, and the two later levels in the perk stacks wonderfully well with High-speed Smart Bullet.

Homeground: Vehicles

  • +5% damage & defense near/in vehicles.
  • +7% damage & defense near/in vehicles.
  • +10% damage & defense near/in vehicles.

Homeground perk, active inside and near vehicles. Once this perk procs, it’s wise to steer engagements towards vehicles, if not inside.

Explosion Resistance

  • -100% damage from explosions and vehicle collisions.
  • -50% damage from nukes.
  • -50 from most thrown projectiles & Sniper Air Strikes.

This card mitigates most vulnerabilities that vehicles tend to have within Super People. Stacks well with other green perks: if you proc all three, enjoy ramming other players. Stacks well with both Bulletproof Glass and Homeground perk.

Bulletproof Glass

  • +15/+20/+25 max HP for all inside Driver vehicle.
  • +10%/+15%/+20% defense for all inside Driver vehicle.

Bulletproof Glass is a misleading perk name; the glass is not bulletproof. Instead, it applies a percentage-based damage reduction to all projectiles shot into the vehicle, at all players.


  • Unlock Nitro Jump with vehicle ‘G’.
  • +30% boost effectiveness.
  • Unlock vehicle detonation by pressing ‘G’ after dismount.

The fun-maker with the Driver class. Maxed out, this single perk card allows players to boost, force the vehicle to jump, and then dive out. Once it crashes into a hard position, detonate it and eliminate hostiles. It’s possible to use this to bait enemy squads into an easy kill, but be wary of flanks and timing.

Smart Key

  • Summons nearby unattended vehicle once, Monster Truck ultimate counts as usage.
  • Quick dismount with dodge roll.
  • +20 HP for 5 seconds after dismount.

The first level is, by far, the most interesting here. Summon vehicles to your hard cover, and make for a quick getaway once you’ve been made. Once all three levels are attained, Smart Key pairs well with Nitro, as players can dodge roll out of the vehicle for detonation.

Smart Detector

  • Detects nearby vehicles.
  • Detects nearby enemies that have crafted or used a capsule.
  • Detects nearby enemies who have used a super jump or teleport.

Smart Detector comes into its own in the second and third level, when other classes using their ability gives the Driver information on location. Can be used to get the jump on enemies, but is difficult to do if mounted.

Ultimate: Monster Truck

  • Summons Monster Truck with a 120 second cooldown.

The Monster Truck sits a bit higher than other vehicles, which can make engaging into it a difficult prospect for enemies. More notably, however, this thing is seemingly indestructible with other perk combinations.

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Firearms Expert

If you like ensuring uneven odds in a firefight, the Firearms Expert is a strong choice. You’ll need to hit your shots to use the full abilities, but it’s difficult to stand toe-to-toe against a firearms expert in a match.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, SMG class. Note the weapon that is specialized in can change between matches.

AR Upgrade

  • +10%/+15%/+20% AR Damage increase.

With the Firearms Expert, an assault rifle should be a consistent pick. This is a guaranteed perk card for the AR, in comparison to the Specialized Weapon card.

Cover Fire

  • +70% leaning angle and animation speed.
  • +20% defense when leaning.
  • +20% damage increase when leaning.

The Cover Fire perk card gives massive advantages to the Firearms Expert in CQC. If this procs, try to keep firefights near hard cover. At level one, the lean is uncannily fast and can catch enemies unaware in early-game. Later levels makes the fight decidedly one-sided.

Mix ‘n Match

  • +10%/+15%/+20% damage when equipped weapon class matches.

The Mix ‘n Match perk card requires users to have two weapons of the same class, such as two assault weapons, or two SMGs. Choose weaponry based on red perk cards leveled, unless rarity dictates otherwise.

Headshot Evasion

  • -90% Headshot Damage received (180 second cooldown).
  • Decreased cooldown (120 seconds).
  • Decreased cooldown (60 seconds).

An absurd perk that can stack with head armor to completely mitigate a headshot. Not entirely reliable in battles, but can keep players alive from the errant sniper. Bear timing in mind when taking fights with leans, which can prominently display the head.

Bullet Tracer

  • Enemies bullet trajectory viewable.
  • +10 HP.
  • +20 HP.

Every enemy bullet becomes a tracer, and tracers work both ways. This perk is helpful on every run, as they can help players quickly react to new engagements.

Quick Aim

  • +50% weapon switch and ADS speed.
  • +80% weapon switch and ADS speed.
  • Maintain ADS while switching weapons.

Quick Aim has its uses, but works best when paired with the following perk, Shoot ‘n Run. Without other perks, the card is mediocre.

Shoot ‘n Run

  • +30% movement speed while aiming.
  • +60% movement speed while aiming.
  • +120% movement speed while aiming.

Shoot ‘n Run is most helpful when circling hard cover where enemy combatants are holed-up. Fully unlocked, Shoot ‘n Run allows Firearm Experts to clear houses with an absurd level of speed.

Tactical Reload

  • -50% reload for specialized weapon, +10% magazine capacity for all weapons.
  • +20% magazine capacity for all weapons.
  • +30% magazine capacity for all weapons.

Tactical Reload is dependent on your first red perk, the Specialized Weapon. A decent Specialized Weapon magazine size married with Tactical Reload ensures a hail of bullets.

Ultimate: Forcefield

  • Slows all enemies within a specific range, 60 second cooldown.

The Firearms Expert ultimate, Forcefield, can stop players from moving cover. Use it to catch squads attempting to move to hard cover, and gun them down while they’re stuck in the street.

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Gas Soldier

A unique class that specializes in area damage and forcing enemies out of hard cover. Pairs well with teammates, but can hold its own if approached properly.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, assault class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

Advanced Molotov

  • +20% Molotov throwing range. +2 Molotov’s and additional weight capacity.
  • +50% Molotov throwing range.
  • +100% Molotov throwing range.

This card can hit or miss, depending on the engagement that players find themselves in. Switching to a Molotov in a fire fight can be a dangerous move, but it can also push enemies out of cover.

Chem Rounds

  • Unlocks Chemical Rounds, Area of Effect damage and stops enemy healing for 5 seconds.
  • Enemy healing disruption increased to 7 seconds.
  • Enemy healing disruption increased to 10 seconds.

With the right weapon, you can kill enemies behind cover with Chem Rounds, and they can’t hunker down to heal either. A class-defining perk.

Homeground: Indoors

  • +5%/+7%/+10% damage while indoors.

Homeground perk buff, active inside of any building.

Toxic Smoke Grenade

  • Change smoke grenades to Toxic Smoke, +2 grenades and increased weight capacity.
  • +5% toxic smoke damage.
  • +10% toxic smoke damage.

Toxic Smoke Grenades perk can help force enemies out of hard cover, such as houses. Usage with Molotov’s can wipe entire squads, if used properly.

Gas Mask

  • Negates toxic smoke damage from enemies, smoke heals player 10 HP with 30 second cooldown.
  • Heals players 15 HP inside smoke once every 30 seconds.
  • Heals players 25 HP in smoke once every 30 seconds.

Gas Soldier appears to be a rarer choice for many players (likely due to the weaker ultimate encouraging many to shift) but the additional bonuses of being able to heal within smoke offers a unique playstyle.

Fuel Booster

  • +10% damage and +10 HP for 60 seconds after using fuel tank, +2 fuel tanks and increased carrying capacity.
  • +20% damage and +30 HP for 60 seconds after using fuel tank.
  • +30% damage and +50 HP for 60 seconds after using fuel tank.

Best to use in the latter stages of the perk card, so you aren’t wasting fuel, but can be rather handy in a pinch. Once this card procs, pop a fuel tank when you’re expecting an upcoming enemy engagement.

Muzzle Flash Detector

  • Grants player enemy detection when they fire at 50/100/150 meters.

Muzzle Flash Detector allows players to determine where gunshots are coming from within a limited radius.

Smoke Screen

  • +3% movement speed.
  • +15% movement speed in smoke screen.
  • +25% movement speed in smoke screen.

Smoke Screen perk works best with Gas Mask and Toxic Smoke, allowing Gas Soldiers to rush into their own Toxic Smoke and eliminate hostiles quickly, and while being healed.

Ultimate: Fireball

  • Launch moving ball of fire forwards with a 50 second cooldown.

As it currently stands, the Gas Soldier ultimate isn’t necessarily a fight-winner. It can be used to wipe squads in one hit, but the animation required for firing offers enemies a bit of time to safely engage. Use cautiously.

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Gatling Soldier

More bullets, less problems. The Gatling Soldier might not offer the most precision in engagements, but can wipe multiple squads without ever letting go of the trigger. Pairs well with precision-based classes.


Gatling Gun

  • Acquire Gatling Gun in slot 4.
  • +20% Gatling damage.
  • +40% Gatling damage.

This is where the Gatling Soldier gets its name from, and it’s worth taking note of. Holding well over 100 bullets per magazine when buffed, this weapon is the undisputed king of peppering foes.

Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, assault class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

AR Magazine Extension

  • +30%/+60%/+90% magazine capacity for assault rifles and Gatling.

This perk makes assault rifles and the Gatling gun magazines larger. Keep an eye out for ammunition, and spray generously.

Forward Defense

  • -5%/-10%/-15% damage taken from front.

With this perk, players should note to never turn their back on a gunfight.

Bullet Tracer

  • Enemies bullet trajectory viewable.
  • +10 HP.
  • +20 HP.

The first level of this perk can help players swivel quickly towards new enemies, ensuring that Forward Defense procs.

Dodge Roll

  • Unlocks Dodge Roll which offers +30 HP for 3 seconds after using. 20 second cooldown mitigatable by hitting enemy.
  • Dodge Roll cooldown to 15 seconds.
  • Dodge Roll cooldown to 10 seconds.

Dodge Roll is a simple card with simple uses: when turning to engage a new enemy with this perk, always turn while dodge rolling. The Soldier will stand with additional HP and Forward Defense ready.

Smart Bullet

  • Bullets curve towards enemy.
  • +30 Inventory capacity.
  • +60 Inventory capacity.

Bar none, this perk card turns the Gatling Soldier into a nightmare for engagements. Spewing dozens of bullets a second while rarely missing is a deadly combo that will finish most high-leveled enemies quickly.

Return Fire

  • +5% damage after being hit, for five seconds.
  • +10% damage.
  • +20% damage.

When Return Fire is paired with Smart Bullet, engagements end quickly. Keep the face towards the enemy, and don’t stop firing.

Tactical Slide

  • Unlock slide ability, +3% movement speed.
  • +5% movement speed.
  • +7% movement speed.

The slide is mostly replaced by the Dodge Roll, but if the fight isn’t going your way it can help players find hard cover. Helpful movement speed buff in latter levels.

Ultimate: Spitfire

  • Gatling Gun emits explosive rounds with flame AoE, increased defense.

Increased defense and explosive rounds means that you’re obscenely difficult to kill, as long as you know where your enemy is.

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The Marine gets buffs while in the water, and has a valuable smoke that can interrupt sight lines. This class shouldn’t be underestimated: each map within Super People has prominent bodies of water that Marines can exploit.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/20%/30% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, assault class. Note this weapon can change between matches.


  • Unlock C4 (60 second cooldown).
  • +25% C4 damage (40 second cooldown).
  • +50% C4 damage (20 second cooldown).

The C4 IED can kill through walls, if you know roughly where your enemy is. Works well for trapping supply crates as well.

Upgraded Silencers

  • +10%/15%/20% damage and decreased recoil with silenced weapons.

Silencers can help immensely when ambushing enemies from shallow waters, as it’s difficult to discern where fire is coming from without perk cards.

Homeground: Water

  • +5%/7%/10% in water or Fog of War, can prone in shallow water.

There is a lot of water on all maps in Super People, and Marine thrives in it. Prone in shallows to give yourself an advantage before the firefight.

Anti-Air Fire

  • Increase damage +10%/20%/30% when firing at an upwards angle.

Anti-Air Fire is a seemingly strange perk, as it rarely benefits to engage an enemy holding an elevation advantage. Paired with the ability to prone in waters, however, and the opening ambush becomes lethal.

Water Ghillie

  • Acquire half Ghillie suit.
  • -30% damage received while swimming.
  • -50% damage received while swimming.

The second water-based perk for the Marine, although note that damage mitigation doesn’t apply if you’re in the shallows. The Wetland Ghillie helps users blend into bodies of water.

Underwater Infiltration

  • Run in shallow water without movement penalties.
  • +50% swim speed and breath duration.
  • +100% swim speed and breath duration.

No longer will you need to fear bridges while the storm is approaching: just take the water and you can get there faster.

Amphibious Assault

  • -50% noise in Fog of War and shallow water.
  • Increase HP for 60 seconds after leaving shallow water or Fog of War.
  • Increase movement speed for 60 seconds after leaving shallow water or Fog of War.

The final water-based buff for Marine, proccing this buff brings the Marine to a fearsome level while in shallow water. Once level 2 of Amphibious Assault procs, Marines will want to begin firefights from water or their ultimate as much as possible.


  • +20% health recovery and energy bar usage speed.
  • +20% cast speed and defense while healing or reviving ally.
  • +20 HP and movement speed for 10 seconds after healing or reviving ally.

This buff is primarily helpful if you’re playing with others in your squad.

Ultimate: Fog of War

  • Large orb of fog placed by the Marine, 90 second cooldown.

The cooldown is long, but the orb generated by Fog of War is massive. Reposition, sit inside of it, or chase down enemies through it.

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A big enough explosion can stop all arguments. The explosive expert with a bevy of HP increasing options.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/20%/30% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, assault rifle class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

Point Shooting

  • +10% accuracy while hip or shoulder firing.
  • +20% accuracy while hip or shoulder firing.
  • +10% damage while hip or shoulder firing.

Nuclear doesn’t receive an ADS buff, making precision a bit more difficult. Point Shooting can mitigate this, but be cognizant of how you aim while playing the class.


  • Unlock RPG in slot 4 (cooldown of 180 seconds.
  • Reduce cooldown (90 seconds).
  • Reduce cooldown (45 seconds).

Receive an RPG that reloads on a timer.

Homeground: Trees

  • +5%/7%/10% damage while taking cover behind trees.

Nuclear is comfortable in the trees; take advantage of sightlines towards hard cover and call in the artillery from safety.

Upgraded Energy Bar

  • Recover 5 HP over time after eating energy bar.
  • Recover 10 HP over time after eating energy bar.
  • +50% movement speed while downed.

This perk isn’t too helpful unless you’re in playing with squads, as in solo mode players are instantly killed instead of transferring to a downed state. The HP recovery with energy bars is minimal.


  • Weave automatically when standing or crouching.
  • -20 damage received while using healing items or energy bars.
  • -20% damage while weaving.

Weaving helps players dodge gunfire while standing without any additional input, although at the cost of looking a bit comical. At later levels, this perk also mitigates damage while standing still.

Fire Wall

  • Upgrades Molotov Cocktail to Fire Wall, +2 Molotov’s and increasing carrying capacity.
  • +50% Fire Wall duration.
  • +100% Fire Wall duration.

Fire Wall can help block line-of-sight to reposition, or help pressure enemy defensive positions.

Spatial Awareness

  • Detects location of shooters within 50/100/150 meters.

Spatial Awareness helps determine where enemies are located, with high accuracy and no tells.

Quick March

  • +10%/15%/20% movement speed while empty-handed.

With the Quick March perk, the buff gained from being empty-handed might not counter the disadvantage. If an enemy peeks while you’re dashing across empty space, there is very little to be done without an equipped weapon.

Ultimate: Tactical Nuke

  • Drops a nuke after a short timer the does massive damage to all enemies within.

The Tactical Nuke will kill all enemies within a building, although the building suffers no damage. Good for clinching kills when you don’t want to approach a defensive position.

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The de facto lone-wolf player, the Seeker tracks enemies with perks and eliminates them before they know they’re being stalked.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized weapon, SMG class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

Cover Fire: Right

  • +70% increase in leaning angle and speed towards the right.
  • +20% defense while leaning.
  • +20% damage while leaning.

When Cover Fire: Right procs, take advantage and stay near hard cover. Similar to the Firearm Expert Cover Fire, although the first level only activates while leaning to the right.

Border Control

  • Damage and defense increased to +10%/15%/20% the closer you are to the storm.

Seeker works best when picking off straggling players; working near the Ice Storm is a strong play with Border Control.

Homeground: Mountains

  • +5%/7%/10% damage near trees or rocky terrain.

Standard Homeground perk: note that players can be near mountains for this to proc, instead of on top.

Projectile Tracking

  • Unlock ability to see throwable objects.
  • -25% damage from throwables.
  • -50% damage from throwables.

Projectile Tracking only tracks throwable objects, such as the Tomahawk or grenades.

Hostiles Detected!

  • Locate single enemy closest to you within 50 meters (80 second cooldown).
  • Reduced cooldown (70 seconds).
  • Reduced cooldown (60 seconds).

Hostiles Detected pings enemy locations on the map on a cooldown. When used with Heartbeat Sensor, it’s deadly.

Landing Zone Scan

  • Locates enemies landing near your landing spot for five minutes.
  • +5% movement speed.
  • +10% movement speed.

Upon the initial landing, Landing Zone Scan sweeps the area and updates enemy positions on the radar.

Heartbeat Sensor

  • Unlock Heartbeat Sensor in slot 4.
  • +10 meter detection range.
  • +20 meter detection range.

Heartbeat Sensor renders the screen darker for the player while in use, but the ability to see enemies through the wall is invaluable.

Molotov Traps

  • Upgrade Molotov cocktails to Molotov Traps, +2 Traps and increased carrying capacity.
  • 3 deployable traps and +1 meter trigger radius.
  • 5 deployable traps and +2 meter trigger radius.

Molotov Traps are observable by the enemy: crafty players toss these into houses with loot so players won’t notice them.

Ultimate: Quick Slide

  • Able to conduct three, maximum distance slides during an eight second window (60 second cooldown).

Quick Slide gives players a window of eight seconds, in which players can slide up to three times. It covers great distance, and is helpful for closing the gap on enemies after you’ve been made.

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Shotgun Master

The Shotgun Master closes gaps with comical jumps and blasts enemies with the shotgun.


Major Damage Increase

  • +7%/10%/15% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, shotgun class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

Fast Shotgun

  • +20%/30%/40% Shotgun fire rate and reload speed.

Increases shotgun firing rate and reload speed.

SMG Upgrade

  • +10%/15%/20% SMG Damage increase.

Increases SMG damage. SMGs can be a wise decision for Shotgun Masters as a backup weapon, in the event that the Fast Shotgun perk doesn’t proc.

Physical Training

  • +10/15/20 HP.

HP buff helps close the distance for shotgun users.

Upgraded Flashbangs

  • Upgrades flashbangs to impact grenades, +2 flashbangs and increased carry capacity.
  • +20% impact grenade damage radius.
  • +1 thrown impact grenades.

When maxed, Upgraded Flashbangs allow Shotgun Masters to blanket landing zones with explosions. Try launching a grenade towards enemies while leaping, and finish the enemy with a shotgun.

AR Resistance

  • -10%/-20%-30% received assault rifle damage.

Reducing assault rifle damage is necessary for the Shotgun Master to close the gap against most enemies.


  • Unlocks Knockback passive ability.
  • +25% knockback distance.
  • +50% knockback distance.

Knockback plays two roles: first, it displaces enemies from cover. Secondly, it can interrupt aiming patterns by enemies.

Jump Training

  • Increased accuracy while jumping.
  • +50% movement speed on slopes.
  • Removed landing animation, increased HP for 3 seconds after landing.

Jump Training is interesting by itself, but doesn’t really come into play until Super Jump is unlocked. The ability to completely negate the landing animation, however, is not to be underestimated.

Super Jump

  • Jump 2 stories (20 second cooldown).
  • Jump 4 stories (20 second cooldown).
  • Jump tall cliffs (20 second cooldown).

The fun-maker for the Shotgun Master, Super Jump allows the player to leap onto most of the buildings in the game.

Ultimate: Tank Shotgun

  • Shotgun rounds deal tremendous damage.

The tank shotgun deals tremendous damage, shredding most enemies with ease regardless of armor. If the player can get close enough, that is.

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If direct confrontation isn’t your thing, the sniper may appeal to you. The primary draw of the sniper is the ability to aim down sights to increase your damage.


Steady Shot

  • +20%/30%/40% damage while ADS.

Once Steady Shot is unlocked, Snipers will want to tap RMB to enter the scope mode prior to engagements. The damage buff is worth the discomfort.

Major Damage Increase

  • +20%/30%/40% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized weapon, sniper class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

AR Upgrade

  • +10%/15%/20% assault rifle damage.

The sniper rifle pairs well with an assault rifle in the event your position is pushed on by enemies — you’ll want a rapid-fire solution.


  • Acquire half Ghillie suit.
  • +10 HP.
  • +20 HP.

The camouflage is situational in Super People. Players only really blend in outdoors in the wild(exposing themselves) and otherwise become obvious targets in buildings.

Precision Air Strike

  • Call-in an air strike within 100 meters and a 60 second cooldown.
  • Range increase to 200 meters, cooldown decreased to 50 seconds.
  • Range increase to 400 meters, cooldown decreased to 40 seconds.

Precision Air Strike reloads itself based on the level. If you believe someone is using hard cover, use this ability to eliminate them without risking death themselves.

Booby Trap

  • Upgrade flashbangs to booby traps, +2 flashbangs and increased carry capacity.
  • 3 deployable traps and +1 meter trigger radius.
  • 5 deployable traps and +2 meter trigger radius.

Booby Traps are ideal for blocking the back entrance to wherever you’re sniping from.

Covert Ops

  • -35% noise when walking.
  • -35% noise when running.
  • -35% all noise.

Like many FPS titles, character actions are audible. With this perk, less so.

Commando Crawl

  • +10%/20%/30% movement speed prone/crouched.

Incrementally faster movement.


  • Unlock amplifier in slot 4.
  • +12 meter search radius.
  • +30 meter search radius.

Amplifier increases the automatic search radius for crafting, which allows players to upgrade their weapons and armor within a match.


  • +50% damage for a sniper rifle or designated marksman rifle, once every 10 seconds. Small increase to reload speed and rate of fire.

Once unlocked, Snipers will want to try to time their rounds for every ten seconds for the increase to damage. When stacked with Steady Shot and Specialized Weapon, it can easily one-hit kill most enemies.

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Strike Force

Moving fast enough to give enemies whiplash, the Strike Force character closes distance quickly with dashes and jumps.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized weapon, SMG class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

Rapid Fire

  • +5%/10%/15% SMG fire rate and magazine capacity.

Increases firing rate and mag capacity of the SMG for Strike Force. The SMG is the mainstay weapon of Strike Force, and the multitude of buffs allow it to stay viable in a multitude of situations.

Lacerating Rounds

  • Level 1 bleeding effect and +10% accuracy.
  • Level 2 bleed with +15% accuracy.
  • Level 3 bleed with +20% accuracy.

Lacerate adds a bleeding effect to any enemy you hit; use this to reposition while they’re trying to heal.

Bulletproof Shield

  • Acquire bulletproof shield ability (600 second cooldown).
  • +50 shield HP (300 second cooldown).
  • +100 shield HP (60 second cooldown).

Bulletproof Shield spawns immediately when you’re shot, from whatever direction you were hit from. Once this perk procs, when you’re shot, don’t run immediately.

Long-range defense

  • -8%/-16%/-24% damage received from outside of 120 meters.

While many classes have specialized defense, this mitigates damage from all sources outside of 120 meters.

Mobile Assault

  • Damage and defense increased up to 5%/10%/15% while running.

Survivability increase while running.

Air Walk

  • +50% Air Walk duration, no fall damage.
  • Increased accuracy while jumping.
  • Buffed Air Walk, jump speed and crosshairs while jumping.

Air Walking in Super People is done by jumping again at the apex of your leap, or the beginning of your fall. This greatly increases that ability.

Tactical Slide

  • +3% movement speed and unlocks slide ability.
  • +5% movement speed.
  • +7% movement speed.

Movement speed buff along with a tactical slide unlock.

Shoot ‘n Run

  • +30%/60%/120% movement speed while aiming.

At its highest level, Shoot ‘n Run makes clearing buildings faster while ADS. Shoot ‘n Run stacks well with other movement perks within the Strike Force class.

Ultimate: Dash

  • +200% movement speed for 5 seconds, 70 second cooldown.

Dash is helpful for repositioning when you’re being flanked, but the long cooldown means you get one shot to reposition, and it’s brief.

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Clearing buildings is the forte of the Swat class, with movement and parkour buffs meshing well with SMGs.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, assault rifle class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

Breach Door

  • Breaching through doors and windows deploys smokescreen and inflicts 40 damage.
  • +20% movement speed and damage for 5 seconds after breach.
  • +25 HP for 5 seconds after breach.

Once Breach Door procs as a perk, you’ll want to kick the door open to every building that needs a hard-clear.

HE Grenade

  • Upgrade grenades to advanced grenades. +2 grenades and increased carry capacity.
  • +1.5 meter hearing impairment effect.
  • +3 meter hearing impairment effect.

The ‘Impair Hearing’ effect of HE Grenade perk deafens enemies in proximity to grenades, allowing Swat players to close the distance.

Homeground: Indoors

  • +5%/7%/10% damage while indoors.

Homeground perk buff, active inside of any building. Pairs well with Close-range Defense.

Close-range Defense

  • -15%/-25%/-35% damage from enemies within 25 meters.
  • -25%/-35%/-45% damage from shotguns.

A strong counter to the Shotgun Master, mitigates close-range damage. Necessary due to close-range specialization.

Improved Parkour

  • Reduced noise breaking windows via parkour.
  • +30% parkour speed.
  • +30 HP for 10 seconds after parkour.

The parkour buff helps immensely when breaching, and helps round out the Swat class to give additional breaching options.

Return Fire

  • +5%/10%/20% damage after being hit by a player.

Brief damage buff after taking damage helps increase survivability during close-range fights.

Close-quarters Combat Training

  • +15 accuracy while hip or shoulder firing.
  • +15% fire rate.
  • +15% reload speed.

Close-quarters Combat Training is a catch-all of buffs for hard-clearing buildings.

Urban Warfare

  • +2% movement speed.
  • +4% movement speed.
  • +30 movement speed on ladders and stairs.

General movement speed buff with a unique option for ladders and stairs; the only class with such a buff.

Ultimate: Blackout

  • Creates a large orb that enshrouds enemies caught within with limited vision.

Blackout fires an orb that outside enemies cannot see into, and limits vision of enemies caught within. Best used before hard-knocking on known enemy defensive position.

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Here one second and gone the next, the teleporter’s undeniable strength comes from being able to assault from all sides.


Major Damage Increase

  • +10%/15%/20% Specialized Weapon damage.

Specialized Weapon, assault class. Note this weapon can change between matches.

One Shot, One Kill

  • Reduced recoil along with +10%/15%/20% damage in single-fire mode.

Exponential buff to single-fire weaponry.


  • Increased accuracy when throwing Tomahawks (60 second cooldown).
  • +15 Tomahawk damage (30 second cooldown).
  • +30 Tomahawk damage (20 second cooldown).

Throwable weapon that deals tremendous damage on hit; can typically one-shot enemies.


  • -10%/20%/30% headshot damage received.

Headstrong stacks with head armor, with no cooldown.

Commando Crawl

+10%/20%/30% movement speed when crouched or prone.

Intermittent speed buffs to crouching and crawling.

Field Medic

  • HP increase for 10 seconds after using energy bar.
  • +100% HP granted briefly.
  • +50% ally revive.

Field Medic is most helpful while playing with others, but the perk card doesn’t offer much for solo play.

Defensive Aiming

  • -5%/-10%/-15% damage taken when aiming with at least a 2x scope.

When Defensive Aiming procs, you’ll want a 2x (minimum) scope on your preferred weapon. This buff can keep you alive in an engagement you would otherwise lose.

Evasive Action

  • +3% movement speed.
  • +20 HP for 5 seconds after being hit.
  • +10% movement speed for 5 seconds after being hit.

Various buffs that will increase players’ survivability while engaged.

Quick Fix

  • +30% use speed on capsules.
  • +30% use speed on energy bars.
  • +30% use speed on healing items.

Quick Fix becomes very helpful, as it allows players to heal themselves far faster than their opponents. Don’t count this perk out: a 30% faster consumable lets players move far faster.

Ultimate: Teleport

  • Teleport to a specified location with range (120 second cooldown).

Teleport is a devious ultimate that can allow Teleporters to get behind enemies and engage from the rear. The surprise of the maneuver typically costs the opponent their life, although be warned of not teleporting past your desired point.

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