Every new feature in Outward: The Soroboreans DLC

Onward and outward to the Antique Plateau!


Outward‘s epic fantasy world, Aurai, grows even bigger with The Soroboreans DLC. In addition to a new region and new faction, the Sorobor Academy, this expansion to the 2019 open world action-role playing game includes tons of other new features and a few quality of life tweaks as well.

How to get to the new region

Outward the soroboreans (1)

The new region in The Soroboreans DLC is called the Antique Plateau, and it is home to the Sorobor Academy faction. In order to get to the region, you will have to speak to a Soroborean Caravanner. These Caravanners can be found in the base-game’s cities and throughout the wilderness as well. All of them will let you travel to Harmattan, the main city of the Antique Plateau for 200 silver and several rations, depending on where you’re traveling from. Caravanners found in the wilderness will also let you travel to other cities. This is great news for players who have long been wanting a fast travel system in the game.

New game play features

In addition to the new region, faction, and quests, The Soroboreans DLC is also adding a number of new systems to the game.

  • Corruption
    • A new status effect that can cause various buffs and debuffs.
  • Enchantments
    • A new system to upgrade weapons and equipment.
  • Gauntlets
    • New fist-type weapons.
  • Hex Mage trainer
    • In Harmattan, you can find Ella Lockwell, who will allow you to invest in the new Hex Mage skill tree.
  • The Runic Train
    • A new system to quickly travel between dungeons in the Antique Plateau region.
  • The Speedster trainer
    • In Harmattan, you can find Serge Battleborn, who will allow you to invest in the new Speedster skill tree.
  • Vampiric weapons
    • A new option for weapon upgrades which will infuse a weapon with the Thirst enchantment after going to one of the four Blood Altars spread throughout the Antique Plateau.

Outward was a sprawling action-RPG to begin with, but this DLC is a good reason to return. The level design is a step above what the base game provided and has a technical polish that was sometimes lacking. Now is a fine time for new players to get on board, too. There are few games like this that let you play cooperatively with a friend either online or locally. The Soroboreans DLC is available for consoles on July 7 and Outward is currently discounted to $15.99 on the PlayStation 4 throughout the Multiplayer Days sale.