Every Winston skin in Overwatch 2, and how to get them

New looks for the discerning hyper-intelligent gorilla.

Image via Blizzard

Winston was a mainstay of almost any competent team comp in the first Overwatch. While the meta is still in its earliest stages in Overwatch 2, between his Tesla Coil, which fires both a stream and bolt of electricity, and his barrier generator and Primal Rage Ultimate, he remains a strong choice in most situations. And though you can start decking out the super-intelligent gorilla right now, if you didn’t play the original game, many of his seventeen total skins will be unavailable, as they’re locked behind a legacy currency. Here’s how to get them all.

How to get every Winston skin in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game, so you’ll be paying real money for a premium currency, which you’ll use to buy the vast majority of skins from the store. If you have any Legend Credits or a currency holdover from the first Overwatch, you can purchase some of the old Legendary-tier skins. Others are locked behind Overwatch Coins, the premium currency you’ll buy with real-world cash. We’ll note the prices and availability in each entry below.

Catcher (Legendary — 1,900 Overwatch Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Winston’s Catcher skin is good for a rumble if you’re looking to throw hands. It’s got lots of pads. You’ll shell out $19.99 for the 2,200 Overwatch Coins needed to buy the skin and have three hundred left over.

Explorer (Legendary — 1,000 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the first skins available for Winston, this skin showcases his love of exploration, fine eyewear, and an appreciation for a well-groomed mustache. However, if you didn’t play the first Overwatch, you probably can’t get it anymore.

Frogston (Legendary — 1,000 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another early skin, also unavailable without playing the first Overwatch, Frogston is about exploration, this time of the ocean. Its dark color can also be workable camouflage in a darker part of the map, though Winston is meant to be a part of the action, so that’s less of a concern.

Gargoyle (Legendary — Shop Only)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A Warcraft or high-fantasy-style skin from the Anniversary event, Gargoyle isn’t attainable by anyone in-game right now. Overwatch has tons of seasonal events with new modes and skins, so when the Anniversary event rolls around next year, expect to see this skin available in the store. It might come sooner, as well.

Safari (Legendary — 1,000 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Safari is a palette swap of the Explorer skin or vice versa, and, like its counterpart, it is only available if you have Legacy Credits from the first game.

Specimen 28 (Legendary — Shop Only)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Available only through the store with Overwatch Coins, the Specimen 28 skin is another event cosmetic. Whenever the Shop refreshes, check back to see if it’s available.

Werewolf (Legendary — 1,900 Overwatch Coins)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A Halloween-specific skin, Werewolf is also a paid-only cosmetic that is liable to appear at the end of October but could show up in the Shop at other times of the year depending on any number of factors.

Wukong (Legendary — Shop Only)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Overwatch’s Chinese New Year event always comes with solid skins, and Winston’s Wukong skin is no exception. As such, Blizzard expects people to want it and has locked it behind both the event and the Shop.

Yeti (Legendary — Shop Only)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Yet another skin from the first Overwatch released during their winter event will likely only be available during the coldest months of the year and only in the Shop for Overwatch Coins.

Desert (Epic— 250 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A military-style desert camo skin, there’s not much that differentiates it from a Rare skin other than the more complicated pallete swap. Still, it’s a fine choice if you’re running low on Legacy Credits.

Horizon (Epic — 250 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A more colorful variant of the basic Winston skin, Horizon shows off the colors of the Horizon space station of his youth.

Tactical (Epic — Tier 10 Battle Pass Reward)

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Winston is a begrudging fighter, if you want to see him in military gear, the Tactical skin has what you need. You’ll need to reach Tier 10 on the premium Battle Pass to unlock it, so it will take some time to reach.

Atmosphere (Rare — 75 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

All Rare legacy skins are simple color swaps of the original Overwatch base Winston skin. Atmosphere is light blue, and not much else besides his love of aerospace.

Banana (Rare — 75 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Perhaps a little derogatory, given Winston’s massive intellect, the Banana skin harkens back to his days as a mere monkey.

Forest (Rare — 75 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Forest is Winston’s generic tree-green skin, and that’s about it.

Red Planet (Rare — 75 Legacy Credits)

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Winston’s Red Planet skin is, well, red, it does reference Mars, so it plays into Winston’s love of space.