Everything about the Elite Marksman event in Call of Duty: Mobile

The elite marksman event is available for a limited time.

During Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile, there’s a limited-time event called Elite Marksman. In it, you have the chance to participate in a variety of challenges to obtain the Locus – Flowing Bronze reward, along with Battle Pass XP, with each of the completed quests.

You can participate in this event at any time while it is available. You can do this during Season 6. There are eight quests available, and once you complete it, you can receive the Locus weapon and its skin. These are the quests you need to complete during the event:

  • Quest 1: Kill 30 enemies with any weapon (Rewards: BK57 -Desert Snake, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 2: Kill 20 enemies with a BK27 equipped with any two attachments (Rewards: DL Q33 – Sandbox, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 3: Kill 20 enemies with DL Q33 equipped with stock attachment (Rewards: RPD – Western Sunset, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 4: Kill 20 enemies with an RPD equipped with Holographic Sight and any three other attachments (Rewards: Weapon XP Card, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 5: Kill 20 enemies with shotguns (Rewards: Arctic .50 – Ashen Viper, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 6: Kill 15enemies with Arctic .50 Equipped with Tactical Scope (Rewards: Weapon XP Pass, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 7: Kill 5 enemies with pistols (Rewards: Locus, and Battle Pass XP)
  • Quest 8: Kill 50 enemies with Locus (Rewards Locus – Flowing Bronze, and Battle Pass XP)

Each of the quests follow-ups from the other, so they properly stack and guide you through each step. The first of the quests is a generic one you can complete while playing the game, but from there, you need to use the weapons you obtain from the previous quest step. Some of them do require they have attachments to them, and if you don’t meet these requirements, you will be unable to complete the quest.

Make sure to double-check the quest steps while participating in the Elite Marksman event. The event is available until June 4.