Everything about the Holiday Cup in Pokémon Go – Pokémon requirements, dates, and rewards

A Holiday Cup competition.

Image via Niantic

A Holiday Cup in Pokémon Go means players will have a limited time to partake in a PvP event that only them to only use a particular series of Pokémon. The unique requirements of these limited-time cups allow typically overlooked Pokémon to shine, shaking the meta up, even if it’s only for a little bit. Here’s everything you need to know about it to prepare for its arrival.

What are the Pokémon requirements?

The Holiday Cup will allow you to use Pokémon that do not exceed a maximum CP of 1,500. Also, they must be a Normal, Grass, Electric, Flying, or a Ghost-type Pokémon to participate. If a Pokémon does not meet this typing requirement, you can’t use it, so choose your team wisely to counter Pokémon like this, and figure out what you need to be using.

What are the Holiday Cup start and end dates?

The Holiday Cup will be kicking off alongside the Master League competitions starting on December 28. It will continue for a full week until January 4, 2021. It makes the most sense to run the Holiday Cup competition during this phase to ensure all Pokémon Go players can participate in the battle league, especially if they don’t have a complete team capable of competing in the Master League, where Pokémon of any CP can battle.

What are the rewards for the Holiday Cup?

We don’t know the Holiday Cup’s exact rewards, but we’ll be learning about those closer to its release date. We can guess that they will compose the various Holiday-themed Pokémon costumes, much like how the Halloween Cup worked earlier this year.