Everything included in the GTA V Online Summer Special Update – New cars, races, co-op missions, battles

Take a long virtual summer vacation.

Rockstar doesn’t look to be slowing down its support for the widely-beloved GTA Online. As evidence, the release of the mode’s Los Santo Summer Special Update delivers what is practically a brand new experience. Available now, players will see a number of new cars, co-op missions, Business Battles, competitive modes, race tracks, and an in-depth track creator.

With so much content already in the mode, it may be difficult to navigate through all these additions. To put your mind at ease, check out our definitive list of everything included, below.

New cars

  • Lampadati Tigon
  • Invetero Coquette D10
  • Declasse DR1
  • Vapid Peyote Custom
  • Imponte Beater Dukes
  • Albany Manana Custom
  • Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom
  • Declasse Yosemite Rancher
  • Canis Seminole Frontier
  • Bravado Youga Classic 4X4
  • Dundreary Landstalker XL
  • Benefactor Glendale Custom
  • BF Club
  • Maibatsu Penumbra FF
  • Benefactor BR8

More open-wheel race content

Those who favor the F1-style of racing in GTA Online can now make their own tracks for the open-wheel cars. Rockstar has said this the track editor adds “over 60 new props, including racetrack archways, pit-stops, paddocks, and more.” Rockstar has also implemented nine new pre-made tracks, along with the ability to change tires or parts if all goes wrong during a close race.

Co-op missions and battles

To go along with the seasonal theme, the update offers six new co-op missions that take place on a ship captain’s yacht. Each level will task players with either protecting the yacht, or saving its caretakers from a deadly number of kidnappers. Users can choose to play the missions solo, if they desire, simply by calling the ship captain from their iFruit phone.

New Business Battles have also made their way into the game. Much like the co-op missions, teams will have to go out to sea, but this time to play as the villains and rob aircraft carriers for a ridiculous amount of cash. Aside from these missions, players should also be on the lookout for the increasing number of drug crimes within Los Santos, as putting a stop to these can net you unique rewards.

On top of that, competitive multiplayer modes are now accessible inside of the Diamond Casino & Resort. So, teams can gather and duke it out in Every Bullet Counts, Slasher, Hardest Target, and Resurrection on the casino floor.

We can imagine doing all of these latest activities will gift you with immense wealth. Well, you can now put some of that cashflow towards the newest Summer collection of clothes, along with buying more property. Though, don’t worry if you already own the maximum amount of homes. Rockstar has now made it possible to own up to eight different properties.

The GTA V Online Summer Special Update is available now for all platforms, and is completely free for all.