Evercade: Everything We Know About the New Nintendo Switch Rival Console


A new games console is always a fun time, but it is also hard to keep a secret. As such, the Evercade caught me a little by surprise. The Evercade website describes the console as “a brand new handheld console with unique multi-game retro cartridges from leading games publishers and console platforms.”

Interesting, to be sure. Seemingly setting itself up to take on the Nintendo Switch, according to the website’s FAQ they will be announcing three major publishers who are getting on board with the new device.

It seems that one of the goals of the console is to get plenty of high quality, classic retro games onto the platform. The company says they are working directly with “the original software/emulator developers to support them for their hard work and also to ensure their emulation is accurately reflected on our hardware – to deliver the best possible experience for you.”

The system will also be completely offline, with no internet connection required to play any of the games. They claim that everything you need will be provided, either on the console itself or via the game cartridge, with no need to download anything. Whether the device is capable of connecting to the internet is another thing, but this is not covered in the FAQ.

The device will also be able to connect to a tv or monitor via HDMI; all games will be able to provide save functions. The screen size will be 4.3″, which they note is the same size as the PSP. It will be powered by re-chargeable batter via a USB connection and will provide 4-5 hours of play time. The system will also have a 3.5mm headphone jack for when you are gaming on the go.

As yet, no images of the console itself are available, but it is possible we will get to see something when they start announcing publishers. We will keep you updated on any further Evercade information as it is revealed.