Everything we know about Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC – Online co-op, classes, release date

Khotun Khan is now the least of your worries.

Even if you dread multiplayer modes, you probably couldn’t help but grin when hearing Ghost of Tsushima was getting new content. Many had expected additional single-player content, but at least for this first wave of DLC, it will be a “wave-based” online co-op experience titled Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. In the new mode, up to four players will gather to fight some of the hardest enemies to unravel a new storyline.


In its announcement trailer, gameplay established that players can choose from four classes: Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin. Uniquely, the story will focus on these characters and will not include the Jin Sikai or other familiar faces from the main plot. It appears that each of these playable killers will have their own set of abilities and weapons, which can be customized and upgraded.

Gameplay format

However, its format will be dramatically different from its single-player counterpart. In a Sucker Punch press release, Darren Bridges, Senior Game Designer for the critically acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive, has pointed to Legends being level-based, rather than having an open-world. Furthermore, don’t expect it to be dripping in non-fiction, either. According to Bridges, the DLC’s “locations and enemies [are] inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology” with a heavy emphasis on magic. It makes sense, as the trailer displays four characters taking a portal into a seemingly underworld version of Tsushima.

With each wave, harder enemies will come, however, it may take some time for boss battles to be included. Bridges mentions that a “four-player Raid” feature will be added to the action game shortly after Legends’ release. In short, Ghost of Tsushima is surrendering to those who wanted it to be painstakingly hard. However, from what’s seen in Legends’ debut trailer, be careful what you wish for.

Release date

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC will come in the form of a free update, dropping sometime in Fall 2020.

via PlayStation’s YouTube channel