How To Catch Meloetta In Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans are trying to hunt down Meloetta in The Indigo Disk, and we’re sharing everything we know so far.

Meloetta Found Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Screenshot via Gamepur

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There are several returning Pokemon for you to discover and catch while exploring Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Indigo Disk. One mythical Pokemon that fans have been trying to learn more about is Meloetta, which has recently been found in the Blueberry Academy Terrarium.

All eyes are searching for a way to track down Meloetta, and there are several mysteries surrounding this musical Pokemon. Because Meloetta is a mythical Pokemon, these are rarer more exclusive than many of the legendary Pokemon that have continued to return to the series, making the mystery around it all the more interesting. Here’s everything we know about Meloetta in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk.

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Can You Find & Catch Meloetta in The Indigo Disk?

Can you catch and find Meloetta in The Indigo Disk

Yes, Meloetta can be found and caught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk. However, there are a few very specific things that must be done before players can locate it.

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How to Find and Catch Meloetta in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk

Meloetta Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot via Gamepur

According to Twitter user hsinhsung9487, AKA Jan, who seems to be one of the first people to successfully locate the Mythical Pokemon, Meloetta can be caught using these steps.

Go to the Costal Biome rest stop and head East. Please see the map below.

Meloetta Location pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot via Gamepur

Stand in the center of the bush surrounded by wind.

Meloetta Bush Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Screenshot via Gamepur
  • Spin clockwise for 10+ seconds
  • Immediately boot the camera and activate the Sepia Filter.
  • Leave camera mode and engage Meloetta

We were able to do this without beating the BB League. I was also able to do this without purchasing the Music Club Support Board upgrades. We have tested this method and were able to encounter Meloetta on the first try! Be sure to have a Master Ball handy so you don’t have to keep engaging it!

Meloetta Stats Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot via Gamepur

Can You Encounter Meloetta Again If It Gets Knocked Out

Yes, players can encounter Meloetta again if they accidentally knock it out. The easiest way to do this is by hard saving before it spawns, and turning off autosave. Then the game can be rebooted as needed.

However, if this isn’t possible, wait an in-game day and return to the same location. Meloetta will be back and ready for another encounter.

Hints For Locating Meloetta in The Indigo Disk

Finding Meloetta has taken some detective work, We have traveled all over Blueberry Academy dancing, talking to students, and hunting down whirlwinds. One of the larger clues that Meloetta made an appearance comes from providing a speaker upgrade on the Support Board. You can find him when visiting classroom 3-2 at the Blueberry Academy.

You can find the student to the far left of the 3-2 classroom. When speaking to him, he’ll tell you about how a breeze blew out of nowhere when he went to the meadows in the Terarium. He says he heard that someone had been “singing” there, at this location. Other than sharing any additional details about what the singing could be in The Indigo Disk, the student drops the subject and doesn’t talk about anything else.

However, when you purchase all Music Club Support Board upgrades in the League Club at Blueberry Academy, this student does disappear, and we’ve been able to find where he appears next. He could provide an additional clue of where we might have to track down Meloetta, but he didn’t give us too much to go on where we need to go in The Indigo Disk.

Although the guy goes missing, we can track down the location he visited in The Indigo Disk. You can visit this location in The Coastal Region, the northeast section of the Terarium, and you need to travel to the northeast of the Torchlit Labyrinth. From here, you will find a spot in the meadows and hear singing when you settle at the location. This is where I’ve performed several emotes and tried to get anything to happen here. Even though I’ve had little progress, I’m hopeful there’s a way to get Meloetta to appear, or some sequence of events I have to follow.