How To Get Blueberry Quests In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: BBQ Points & Special Quests Explained

In the Indigo Disk, students at Blueberry Academy take on Blueberry Quests to earn points that can be redeemed at school and beyond.

Blueberry Quests Main Image Indigo Disk

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Among many new adventures for players to discover in the Indigo Disk are new Blueberry Quests (BBQs). These extracurricular activities are assigned to you by the Blueberry Academy and earn you rewards called Blueberry Points, which can be used to purchase a variety of perks.

Sure, BBQs is an adorable abbreviation, but these tasks are a robust part of the Blueberry Academy system, particularly when it comes to the League Club. So, to help you earn BPs to unlock in-game rewards, we’re listing out all of the Blueberry Quests and what you’ll earn for completing them.

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What Are Blueberry Quests in The Indigo Disk DLC?

Blueberry Quests Explainer Indigo Disk
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Blueberry Quests (BBQs) are special quests that you’ll be assigned during your time at Blueberry Academy. Once you complete your first class at Blueberry Academy, Lacey will tell you about Blueberry Quests.

After this conversation with Lacey, a variety of BBQs will start being sent to your Rotom Phone, and you’ll be able to complete them to earn Blueberry Points (BPs). You will always have three active Blueberry Quests to work towards.

What Are Blueberry Points (BP) in The Indigo Disk DLC?

PokeBall Throwing Styles Indigo Disk DLC
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Blueberry Points are a currency used at Blueberry Academy. These points can be cashed in to purchase food in the Blueberry Academy Cafeteria, buy items from the school store, and unlock battles with the Blueberry Academy Elite Four.

These points can also be donated to various clubs on campus, which earns you special rewards from those NPCs. For instance, donating Blueberry Points to the Baseball Club is how you’ll unlock new Pokeball throw animations in The Indigo Disk. Completing BBQs to earn points is also how you’ll unlock and upgrade the new Item Printer. Basically, you can’t get the full experience of Indigo Disk without earning and spending BP.

While Blueberry Quests are the primary way to earn Blueberry Points in The Indigo Disk, you can earn points in a few other ways. For instance, there is a Guidance Counselor at the main plaza in each Biome. If you battle a certain number of fellow students in that area, you’ll earn a large number of BP. The first tier reward is 100 BP for six battles, followed by 200 BP for 16.

How Do You Get Blueberry Quests in The Indigo Disk DLC?

Blueberry Quests Menu
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Blueberry Quests get sent straight to your Rotom Phone, and you can check which ones are currently available by using the Right Arrow Button to open the notification menu. Here, you can view your current list of quests, with a maximum of three active quests at once.

Each time you finish a BBQ, you’ll get a little notification at the top of your screen and see another one pop up to take its place. There’s also a bonus quest assigned for every 10 BBQs you complete. Basically, you’ll have a revolving door of Blueberry Quests available to you during your tenure at the Academy.

If you don’t like a particular BBQ, you can also pay half its reward value in BP to change it by selecting that quest from the menu and pressing the “Change” option.

If you play with friends in Union Circle, you can take on quests together, and you will all earn BP for taking on these tasks.

All Blueberry Quests and Their Rewards

Blueberry Quests Notification Indigo Disk
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The BBQs you’re assigned vary in difficulty and in the rewards they offer, but most of them are relatively straightforward tasks that you can complete multiple times to rack up Blueberry Points. These can start to feel a bit repetitive after you’ve cycled through them, but after you complete a certain number of BBQs, you’ll unlock a wider variety of options for these quests. So far, I’ve gotten three different phone calls from Cyrano granting me access to higher-tier BBQs.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of quests we’ve seen so far and what you’ll get when you complete them. All standard-level quests are color-coded as blue BBQs in the menu.

Blueberry QuestBP ValueTips & Tricks
Defeat 10 Wild Pokemon Using Auto-Battle20 BPPress R to start auto battles while traveling around the Terarium.
Catch 1 Pokemon20 BPAny Pokemon will do, whether you’ve previously caught it or not.
Take a Photo of a Wild Pokemon That Is Swimming30 BPThe Coastal Biome and Polar Biome have the most swimming Pokemon.
Take a Photo of a Wild Pokemon In Flight30 BPBug-type Pokemon that fly count, too!
Travel Over 500 Yards20 BPThis one stacks easily with other BBQs
Successfully Sneak Up on a Pokemon & Surprise Them with a Battle20 BPYou must hit a Pokemon in the back with a PokeBall by hitting ZR to earn this reward
Make Yourself a TM20 BPThe Central Plaza in the Terarium has a TM-making machine
Pick Up Items on the Ground 10 Times20 BPItems your Pokemon pick up while roaming around looking for Auto Battles count, too
Terastallize your Pokemon to defeat a Wild Pokemon30 BPThe wild Pokemon’s level doesn’t matter, so long as you Terastallize before you beat it
Catch 1 Pokemon of a Certain Type 40 BPCertain types are more common in each Biome, so travel accordingly
Take a Photo of a Pokemon in a Certain Biome30 BPOnce you discover the Rest Areas or Plaza for a biome, you can quickly fly there from the map

All Bonus Blueberry Quests and Their Rewards

Blueberry Special Quests Menu
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In the Indigo Disk, you earn bonus BBQs for every 10 standard ones you complete, and they’re bonuses for a reason. Bonus quests earn you a higher amount of BP, and they tend to be a smidge more challenging as well. These appear as red-colored BBQs in the menu. When you have an active bonus quest, you’ll have four active items on your BBQ menu.

Here are the bonus Blueberry Quests we’ve seen so far and their value, plus any tips or tricks we’ve come across while playing.

Blueberry QuestBP ValueTips & Tricks
Battle a Wild Tera Pokemon100 BPLook for a Pokemon who is glowing with a sparkly light
Give your Pokemon a Nice Washing100 BPApproach your Pokemon during a picnic to give them a bath
Make a Sandwich Using at least 3 Ingredients130 BPCondiments don’t seem to count here, so be sure to choose a recipe with 3 ingredients you’ll manually add
Defeat 30 Wild Pokemon Using Auto Battle130 BPPut a high-level Pokemon at the top of your party to knock this one out quick
Claim Victory in a Tera Raid Battle130 BPTera Raid are marked on your map, and the level of the raid doesn’t matter
Take a Photo of an Electric-Type Pokemon130 BPThe Electro Cave is a great spot to quickly find a wild electric-type Pokemon to photograph

How to Get Gold BBQs

Gold BBQ Pokemon Scarlet Violet Indigo Disk
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In addition to the blue-coded standard BBQs and red bonus BBQs, players can unlock higher-yield gold BBQs by playing with others in Union Circle. Gold BBQs are worth the most BP, with each task earning up to 600 BP.

When you link up with friends via Union Circle to complete BBQs, you’ll get access to these gold BBQs after completing three red BBQs. You can easily divide and conquer here, as you’ll all get credit for completing the BBQs regardless of who actually does the task.

Keep in mind that completing more red BBQs won’t earn you progress toward your next gold BBQ if you currently have one active. So, if you want to keep on moving towards the next big BBQ payout, prioritize completing the gold BBQ at the top before you do more red ones.

Best Ways to Farm BP

Union Circle Indigo Disk How to Farm BP
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Although doing BBQs is the primary way to get BP, it can be a bit of a grind when so many of them are only worth 20-30 points. So, what are the best ways to get a lot of BP, fast?

By far the quickest way to farm BP is to link up with friends in Union Circle for co-op BBQs. When you complete Blueberry Quests while linked, everyone earns the BP reward, so you can divvy up tasks to complete them quickly. This also grants you access to the gold BBQs mentioned above, which offer higher amounts of BP.

If you’re more of a solo player, the best way to farm BP is to hone in on quick and easy BBQs like traveling 500 miles and taking photos of particular Pokemon. These easier quests let you earn points quickly and also help you unlock the higher-yield special BBQs. You can swap out tougher tasks for half their reward value in BP, which may be worth it to swap in an easier task you can check off more quickly to hit that 10 BBQ point for a nice, juicy bonus BBQ.

While it may not be the fastest method in terms of time, I also recommend that you battle students in each Biome, then visit that area’s Guidance Counselor. The 100-200 BP reward is a higher amount of BP than you’ll get from doing most BBQs, and it will also help level up your team so you can take on the BP Elite Four.