Everything you need to know about Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts event

Go out and break some hearts.

Image via Gearbox Software

An upcoming Valentine’s Day event in Borderlands 3 called Broken Hearts features a great way to earn a variety of unique loot and participate in some new challenges. The event is coming from Maurice, who provides excellent loot for those willing to get their hands dirty. The event focuses on floating hearts that are hanging above an enemy’s heads, and you need to shoot them down to reap the rewards.

The challenges Maurice will have everything to do with these floating hearts. After shooting them, several different things could happen. The hearts could explode into a fiery pile, they could turn an enemy into an ally for you, or they might drop some decent loot to add to your endless collection. Maurice tracks every time you shoot one of these hearts, providing you with a reward each time you reach a specific benchmark.

The rewards for destroying hearts include:

  • 10 – “ECHOcardiogram” Echo Skin
  • 25 – “Cosmic Romance” weapon trinket
  • 50 – Terminal Polyaimorous” Legendary Maliwan SMG
  • 75 “Heartbreaker” Vault Hunter Skin
  • 100 – “Wedding Invitation” Legendary Jakobs Sniper Rifle

When you reach the benchmark, Maurice will send your reward to your mailbox. You can retrieve it from there when you’re ready to claim it.

The Broken Hearts event starts on Feb. 13, at 3:00pm PST, and ends on Feb. 20 at 8:59am PST. You have until then to complete the event and wrap things up, but you can also choose not to participate in the event during its duration. You can select this option on the main menu. At this time, we don’t have a clear idea of what other challenges Maurice could have waiting for Vault Hunters. A full week is a massive amount of time to complete these tasks, so many of you can likely bet Maurice is going to have more available to you than merely shooting floating hearts.

For those who want to participate in the Broken Hearts event, make sure to check your play settings before jumping into your game that you have it turned on. If you join a game with a friend they will need to turn it off in their menu, but if they have it turned on, you’re out of luck when you join them.