Everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2021

Time for a celebration!

Image via Bungie

Every year in Destiny 2’s life cycle, the Moments of Triumph event rolls around for guardians to remember and celebrate the accomplishments of the last year. This year, we have been busy acquiring stasis and taking down the evil Kell, making new alliances with Emperor Caital and the House of Light, and freeing Savathun of her worm. It’s about time guardians take a moment for themselves and revel in everything they’ve done this year.

Exciting new loot and secrets

Image via Bungie

As with every Moments of Triumph event, there is some sweet and fashionable loot for you to get your hands on. By completing some triumphs throughout the event, you can earn the 2021 Moments of Triumphs Ghost, Sparrow, and Emblem that represents your prowess. Due to this celebration being extra special due to the 30th Anniversary Event going on at the same time, there are sure to be some secrets for you to discover and earn along the way.

There will also be a new title and seal available for you to earn to flex your dedication to fighting the minions of the darkness during the year. Expect this to be a pretty long grind as you will have to complete most of the year’s activities to earn it. If you do plan on earning the title, make sure to do so before the end of the 2021 Moments of Triumph event because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Real world prowess

Image via Bungie

If you’re looking to show off your dedication in real life, then the Bungie Store is the place to be during Moments of Triumph. As always, completing a certain amount of triumphs during the event will permit you to purchase the customizable t-shirt that displays your prowess during this year of Destiny 2. For you seal collectors out there, you will, of course, be able to purchase the physical version of the 2021 Moments of Triumph seal. So what are you waiting for, guardian? Get out there and earn some sweet loot.