Extraordinary Rendition in Destiny 2 – stats and God Rolls


Destiny 2

The Extraordinary Rendition is a Kinetic SMG introduced to Destiny 2 in the Season of the Chosen. This Aggressive Frame SMG is, based on early experience, beastly, with incredible accuracy over distance. This gun is really something up close and has melted fully overshielded Guardians in our games of Gambit who made the mistake of bringing a sword to a gunfight.

Players can get the Extraordinary Rendition by completing the Contender’s Ascent VII challenge. This requires you to complete the Challenger’s Proving VII quest, and defeat Cabal with an SMG. It can also drop from Umbral Engrams.


  • Impact – 22
  • Range – 48
  • Stability – 17
  • Handling – 60
  • Reload Speed – 30
  • RPM – 750
  • Magazine – 28

While this is an SMG, it very much feels like an Auto Rifle when in use. The weapon is pinpoint accurate in testing on PC, and incredibly effective over range.

God Rolls

While we haven’t had enough time yet to experiment with God Rolls, we can tell you that Frenzy and Outlaw are a crispy combination when it comes to keeping your DPS up. We will have more information on God Rolls when we get some variants and experiment with them in the game’s various modes.

Potential Perks

Slot 1: Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Corkscrew Rifling, Extended Barrel, Fluted Barrel, Full Bore, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Polygonal Rifling, Smallbore

Slot 2: Accurized Rounds, Appended Mag, Tactical Mag, Extended Mag, Steady Rounds, Alloy Magazine, Flared Magwell.

Slot 3: Subsistence, Overflow, Surplus, Zen Moment, Outlaw, Firmly Planted

Slot 4: Multikill Clip, Thresh, Tap the Trigger, Rampage, Frenzy, One For All