Fae Farm: All Adventuring Job Quests Solved

Find Cleo’s marker in each Adventuring Job quest to unlock that Explorer’s Outfit in Fae Farm. Adventure for fashion!

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Most Fae Farm job quests are pretty straightforward. Growing 30 crops, fishing for rare fish, or beating a bunch of jumbles doesn’t require much thinking. However, Cleo’s Adventuring Jobs asks players to explore Azoria and other nearby lands to find her marker.

Though she does provide a vague hint, finding this golden artifact isn’t always easy. At times, it’ll be perched atop hard-to-reach pillars or almost completely hidden behind a waterfall. Needless to say, she really does know how to build a challenge. This guide helps you complete every Adventuring Job quest in Fae Farm.

All Cleo Marker Locations in Fae Farm

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Adventuring Job QuestDescriptionLocationAppearance
Adventuring 1They say saltwater is good for your skin, but fresh water is great for your hair.Waterfall west to the beach.
Adventuring 2It’s no great leap to find this hideaway, but reaching my marker might be.At the bottom of the mines.
Adventuring 3Along a dark passage where a long climb meets a long drop, there is a safe egress.Near the Spooky Forest wayshrine.
Adventuring 4The magnificent matriarch stands tall, but she cannot see all.To Mother Wisp hideout’s east.
Adventuring 5With open arms, this great welcoming stone could almost reach itself.Near the entrance to the Floating Ruins, to the west.
Adventuring 6At the far end of the weightless relic realm, it is hidden in plain sight.TBATBA
Adventuring 7TBATBATBA
Adventuring 8TBATBATBA
Adventuring 9TBATBATBA
Adventuring 10TBATBATBA

**This guide will continue to update as we locate the missing locations