Fae Farm Fast Travel: All Seals & Wayshrines to Place Them

Unlock the secrets of fast travel in Fae Farm with our guide. Learn how to craft essential seals and locate wayshrines for efficient travel across Azoria.

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Though Fae Farm makes traversing its map incredibly fun with all that jumping and swimming, time is of the essence. Learning how to fast travel is a must to make every minute count. In Fae Farm, fast traveling isn’t unlocked automatically or by progressing through the story.

Instead, to earn the ability to fast travel from one point of the map to another, specific seals must be crafted and placed in the wayshrines of Azoria.

How to Fast Travel in Fae Farm

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A couple of empty placeholders populate specific locations of Azoria. In fact, you might have spotted the one standing near the farm’s lake to the west. Craft seals and place them in these empty wayshrines to unlock the ability to fast travel in Fae Farm.

To craft seals, a Seal Crafting Station is necessary. Open the build menu in the farm and navigate to the Crafting menu. The Seal Crafting Station can be built with 10 rough copper and 20 stone.

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Once built, head to the Seal Crafting Station to browse the seal recipesEach fast-traveling wayshrines requires a different seal. The one beside the farm requires a Peridot Seal.

Some resources may be easier to obtain than others. Additionally, it’ll also take some time (in most cases, a few seconds) for the seals to finish crafting. When they finish, just choose to “Collect Items” to add the seal to the inventory.

All that’s left now is to head to the fast-traveling wayshrines that require that seal and place it there.

Fae Farm: How to Craft All Seals & Where to Place Them

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AppearanceSealResources RequiredWayshrine Location
Peridot Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Peridot
Citrine Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Citrine
Saltwater Mines
Aquamarine Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Aquamarine
West Town
Topaz Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Topaz
Spooky Woods
Amethyst Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Amethyst
Floating Ruins
Rose Quartz Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Rose Quartz
Elven Village
Sapphire Seal5x Copper Ore
5x Iron Ore
15x Rough Sapphire
Fae Acres