How to Grow a Pink Flower in Fae Farm

Learning how to grow hybrid flowers isn’t always easy. Here’s a guide to grow that first pink flower in Fae Farm.

pink flower fae farm

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Fae Farm weaves purpose into everyday farming life, with quests adding a charming twist to tending crops and raising cattle. Yet, amidst the delightful progression, there’s the occasional maddening quest that doesn’t propel you forward but frustratingly lingers in your quest log.

For me, it was Rosalind’s ‘Grow a Pink Flower’ side quest that tested my patience. Her lack of helpful hints left me to my own inexperienced devices. After enduring the ordeal of growing thousands of flowers through sheer trial and error, I eventually triumphed. This guide is here to spare you the same frustration and effort, providing a step-by-step method for successfully growing pink flowers in Fae Farm.

How to Grow Hybrid Flowers in Fae Farm

how to grow a pink flower fae farm
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To get a p├Čnk flower in Fae Farm, follow these steps:

  1. Buy a White Zinnia seed and a Red Rose seed from Rosalind near the Town Center.
  2. Enter build mode and create three flower beds.
  3. Place three flower beds next to each other.
  4. Plant a red flower on one far side and a white flower on the other far side. This leaves the middle space empty.
  5. Water the flowers each day until the “parent” flowers grow.

There is a chance for a hybrid pink flower to spawn daily, though it’s not granted and might take some time. Once a flower spawns in the center, stand above it to check the flower genes. Pink flowers have two different genes: one red gene and one white gene.

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This process is not only limited to pink flowers in Fae Farm, though. Now that you know how hybrid flowers work, you can repeat this process to create flowers of all sorts of colors. The best thing about flowers is they don’t need to be replanted. Once harvested, a new flower grows from scratch.