Fae Farm Animal: Buildings, Breeding & Animal Produce

Fae Farm players will need to raise some cuddly critters on their farms to access eggs, milk, cotton, and wool. Here is everything to know.

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Owning your own personal farm isn’t all potatoes and carrots. While agriculture is critical for earning money and cooking meals, a farm would be a lonely place without some adorable critters poking around. Thankfully, Fae Farm has farming sim fans covered with an adorable selection of barnyard companions to purchase.

The cozy game offers a variety of animals, buildings, and produce. However, with several animal vendors to choose from and two buildings to register each animal, it’s easy to get confused. This guide aim covers everything there is to know about animals in Fae Farm.

How to Buy, Register, and Care for Animals in Fae Farm

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All animal-related vendors in Azoria live in the Plains of Plenty. To get an animal, you’ll have to purchase it from one of them. Here’s a handy chart to differentiate them.

AppearanceVendorProvided Services
EarlineSells Chickoos and Cottontails.
LorettaProvides breeding services for Chickoos and Cottontails.
JeremiahSells Woolyhorns and Mamoos.
PatelProvides breeding services for Woolyhorns and Mamoos.

Once bought, the animal must be registered at the correct animal building. Chickoos and Cottontails must be registered in the Coop on the farm to the west, while Woolyhorns and Mamoos must be registered in the Barn on the farm to the east. Head to the correct building and interact with the ledger outside it to register your new buddy.

How to Car for Animals In Far Farm

Animals in Fae Farm aren’t very high maintenance. When first registered, the animal will be feeling unsure. However, after a few brushes, pets, and snacks, they’ll start feeling Content. To feed animals, approach the trough and place fodder. As long as you feed them every two or three days, they’ll stay happy and continue to leave animal produce in their bed.

They will also need to spend time outside on days when the weather is nice. This will help keep them happy and healthy. Thankfully, critters like the Chickoos and Cottontails will leave the barn and return on their own. However, Wollyhorns and Mamoos need to be let out on good days, and they will return to the barn on their own when it gets dark.

All Animal Products in Fae Farm

Each critter on the farm drops a specific product that can be sold, used in cooking, or refined into a new product. Below are all the raw animal products currently available in Fae Farm.

Animal AppearanceAnimalImageProduce

How Animal Breeding & Charms Work

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To breed an animal, speak with Loretta or Patel and select Animal Breeding. Make sure there’s room in the animal building, and prepare to see some cute tiny animals.

Boost your animals’ happiness level with heart pillow charms and give them a colorful makeover using one of 14 different charms. While the charm might not always change their hue, higher happiness levels increase the odds of success.