Fae Farm Fishing: How to Fish & All Fish Species Location

Reel in a big catch in Fae Farm with our fishing guide. Learn how to play the fishing minigame and discover every species in Azoria.

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Fae Farm’s fishing mechanics can be demanding. Reel the fish at the wrong time, and the line will break. Let the lure fall too far from the fish, and they won’t even take the bait. This all translates to minutes wasted time watching fish swim back and forth, your character stuck helpless on the shore. If this experience sounds all too familiar, this Fae Farm fishing guide should come in handy.

Fae Farm’s Fishing Minigame, Explained

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The Fae Farm fishing minigame isn’t the easiest thing to master but it gets easier over time. Fish swim in the lakes, rivers, and seashores of Azoria. You should be able to spot them before dropping the line. Though each body of water has its type of fish species, there are also fish marked with a rainbow aura around them — rare fish, like Sardine or Rainbow Trout.

To fish in Fae Farm, follow these steps:

  1. Head to either a river, lake, or seashore.
  2. Spot a fish swimming by and try to pinpoint its swimming route.
  3. Drop the line before the fish’s view to catch its attention.
  4. Jiggle the lure twice to get the fish to bite the bait.
  5. Start reeling the fish back to shore. Press the power button to reel if the fish is facing your way. If the fish is facing the opposite way, stop reeling.

Remember, the closer the fish, the easier it is to reel it. 

Fae Farm: Every Fish and How to Catch It

The following table lists 18 fish that you can find in Fae Farm, their location, season, and the rod upgrade required to catch them.

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AppearanceFish nameLocation/SeasonRequired Rod Upgrade
SalmonSea/Any seasonBasic Tool
SardineSea/Any seasonBasic Tool
River CodRivers or Lakes/Any SeasonBasic Tool
Rainbow TroutRivers or Lakes/Any seasonBasic Tool
TurbotSea/SummerBasic Tool
RockfishSea/SummerBasic Tool
Black CarpRivers or Lakes/SummerBasic Tool
HerringRivers or Lakes/SummerBasic Tool
SablefishSea/AutumnBasic Tool
Redside DaceRivers or Lakes/AutumnBasic Tool
Blue CatfishRivers or Lakes/AutumnBasic Tool
Wigglevine EelFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
Painted GlobefishFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
Tiny TealfishFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
GlimmergilFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
AzurefishFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
GoldentailFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
Smallmouth BassFae Realm WatersSturdy Tool
** This guide will continue to update as we discover more species