Fae Farm Cozy Furniture: How Cozy Furniture Works & All Recipes

Fae Farm gets cozy with home decorations – but certain items will offer you important buffs. Here is everything to know about cozy items.

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Nothing says self-awareness like Fae Farm, including “cozy” mechanics in its gameplay. Though there’s no shortage of farming features in the game, Phoenix Labs has not forgotten to tie everything up with lovely furniture and decor crafting.

You won’t only be tending after the farm but also making your house look as pretty as possible. There are rugs, fences, beds, desks, and plants. Still, the furniture is not just for decor; some make the house’s cozy meter grow and improve several aspects of the game, too.

Cozy Furniture in Fae Farm, Explained

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By entering the house and opening the Building menu, there’s an option to build and inspect the house’s Coziness meter. Coziness affects the size of the health, energy, and mana bars. This means the more cozy furniture you have in your house, the bigger those bars will get after sleeping.

Notice that not all furniture contributes to this end. Only the furniture listed under the Cozy Furniture submenu will impact health, energy, and mana replenishment. 

In the Cozy Furniture submenu, you’ll notice inspiring, relaxing, and comforting items. Here’s how each of them affects the game.

  • Inspiring Cozy Items affect the Mana bar.
  • Relaxing Cozy Items affect the Energy bar.
  • Comforting Cozy Items affect the Health bar.

Fae Far: All Cozy Furniture Recipes

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All Inspiring Cozy Item Recipes in Fae Farm

Stack of Books5x Paper
Small Bookshelf3x Oak Lumber
1x Copper Ingot
Painting Easel1x Copper Ingot
2x Beech Lumber
Display Stand2x Feyrite Ingot
2x Polished Amethyst
Gramophone3x Silver Ingot
1x Polished Sapphire
1x Polished Emerald
Fae Harp3x Silver Ingot
3x Silk

All Relaxing Cozy Item Recipes in Fae Farm

Round Woven Stool10x Plant Fibers
Cute Chair3x Beech Lumber
2x Cotton Fabric
Cute Bed1x Copper Ingot
5x Oak Lumber
Sideboard4x Flutterwood Lumber
1x Feyrite Ingot
Round table4x Sporewood Lumber
2x Silver Ingot
Floor Lamp2x Sporewood Lumber
5x Silver Ingot

All Comforting Cozy Item Recipes in Fae Farm

Rustic Stool6x Beech Log
Small Bench2x Oak Lumber
1x Copper Ingot
Floor Pillow3x Cotton Fabric
Armchair2x Oak Lumber
3x Wool Fabric
3x Cotton Fabric
Tall Clock3x Flutterwood Lumber
1x Feyrite Ingot
1x Polished Rose Quartz
Stack of Pillows6x Silk