Fae Farm: How Job Quests Work

Dive into Fae Farm’s Job Quests. Discover how to navigate these skill-specific tasks and ensure you make the most of your farming adventure.

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Fae Farm has no shortage of farming sim activities in store. It’s got everything from peaceful fishing to hardcore battles in the mines. Thanks to Job Quests, players can now focus on one of these activities at a time and make the most of each one.

Still, it’s sometimes challenging to pinpoint which NPC is in charge of each job quest or how to mark them as completed once they’re done. This guide aims to cover the basics of how job quests work in Fae Farm so you can quickly get back to the grind.

Fae Farm’s Job Quests, Explained

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After helping Neppy at the bottom of the Saltwater Mines, new mail will find its way into Homestead’s mailbox. Turns out, different characters will have specific job quests for you. But what does it all mean?

Job Quests in Fae Farm are skill-specific quests that require you to attain a specific goal in exchange for rewards. Think of them like challenges. Each skill gets its quest giver and set of quests. Holly, for instance, will be in charge of coordinating the Farming job quests. Activate her Farming 1 quest, grow 30 crops in one day, and then return to her for a reward.

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Remember that there can only be one job quest active at a time. So, if you complete the requirements of Fishing 1, but the job quest is inactive, you won’t get the rewards. I can’t tell you how many times I finished harvesting those 30 crops in a day only to find out I had some Fishing Job Quest active instead.

Fae Farm: All Farm Job Quest Giver

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NPCQuest GiverJob Quest
NessaFishing Job Quests
HollyFarming Job Quests
AspenFurniture-related Job Quests
CinderMining Job Quests
AugustCooking Job Quests
MelCritter Catching Job Quests
PatelAnimal-related Job Quests
DrakMagic Job Quests
N/ABalarandiPotion Brewing Job Quests
CleoAdventuring Job Quests