How to Complete a Watery Wonder in Fae Farm

Open Azoria’s harbors by completing Neppy’s A Watery Wonder quest in Fae Farm. This guide has all the details for this fishy quest.

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Thanks to those pesky whirlpools, Fae Farm’s harbor is on lockdown, and it seems the culprit just wants a snack. Rather than condemning Neppy for her carnivorous tendencies, we’ve opted to fatten her up and end the whirlpool spectacle. But snagging sardines, steamed fish, and veggies isn’t a walk in the park, considering these items, recipes, and ingredients aren’t exactly a breeze to come by.

How to Make Steamed Fish in Fae Farm

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To make Steamed Fish, two crafting stations are required:

  • Food Prep Table: built with 1 Beech Lumber, 1 Copper Ingot, 2 Stone Brick, and 1 Oak Lumber.
  • Cooking Hearth: built with 2 Beech Lumber, 3 Stone Bricks, 3 Clay Bricks, and 2 Copper Ingots.
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Once those two cooking stations have been built, gather the following ingredients:

  • Arugula, Dandelion Greens, Red Chard, or Collard Greens. They all can be foraged in the Lowlands.
  • Any fish

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With these ingredients in the inventory, head to the Food Prep Table and follow these steps:

  1. Chop the Arugula, Dandelion Greens, Red Chard, or Collard Greens into Fresh Greens.
  2. Cut up the Fish into Fish Fillets.

Collect the ingredients and head to the Cooking Hearth when they finish processing. Select the recipe for Steamed Fish to start cooking and deliver it to Neppy to complete a Watery Wonder.

Where to Fish Sardine in Fae Farm

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Sardines swim the oceans of Azoria all year round. Still, just because they’re always available doesn’t mean they’re an easy catch. To find a Sardine, head to the salt waters around Docks and look for a fish with a rainbow aura around it. Drop the line and catch a Sardine for Neppy when you spot a slim blue fish with a rainbow aura.

How to Make Diced Roots in Fae Farm

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To make Diced Roots, a Food Prep Table is also necessary. There are many ways to make Diced Roots, but the one that is easily accessible and always available is Turnips. Holly sells some Turnip seeds in the Town Center, which grow with just four waterings.

With the Turnips in your inventory, head to the Food Prep Table and turn them into Diced Roots for Neppy’s Watery Wonder quest.

Coral and Sand Dollar Location in Fae Farm

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These two items are the easiest to get. Just head to the Beach or the sand area west to the Docks and forage coral and sand dollars from the ground. If there aren’t enough, more will spawn in a few days.