How to fall at least 3 seconds before landing on your head in Fall Guys – Style Points trophy guide

This one may take some time.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Devolver Digital

For a game that has a more casual feel to the battle royale genre, Fall Guys has some incredibly demanding trophies/achievements for players to seek out. Some of them require certain games in the rotation to be able to fulfill the requirements, while they also need timing and a whole lot of luck. 

One of those achievements is the Style Points trophy. In order to complete this achievement, you need to be falling down for at least three seconds before landing on your head. This particular achievement is very difficult for a few reasons. 

Firstly, there is only one game in Fall Guys where you are high up enough to be able to fall for three seconds and still land on a solid surface. That game is Hex-A-Gone, and it’s one of the final round games for the crown. This means that you have to make it through almost an entire show just to make it to play the game, and even then it may not be the final round that the game decides to play.

Secondly, if you do make it to Hex-A-Gone, you then need to try to survive on as high a level as possible for as long as possible, plotting a path that will see you fall further than one level below you. You will need to bypass at least two levels of hexagons to make it three seconds in the air before hitting your head. Simply dive off the side of a hexagon, landing on a hexagon below and this will count as head first, but you must head a solid object for it to count. Diving off the side and into the slime will not count for this trophy. 

There is no other way to make it high enough to complete this trophy. However, one recommendation would be to bring in some friends to help you with progressing to the final round and then working together to ensure that one of you stays up top while the other clear the path for a long drop. This will require all of you to make it to the final, and then some of your group to sacrifice themselves to help the one player make the achievement while also meaning a show win is unlikely.

You can also complete the achievement in The Whirlygig level by deliberately taking a hit from the first huge windmill that you encounter which should throw you high in the air. However, this can take a lot of luck as you are likely to need more than one hit from the windmill to stay in the air for three seconds.