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Fallout 3: All Console Commands

You can change the experience of your Fallout 3 game after inputting a few console commands.

Returning to Fallout 3 is always an exciting prospect for players or those who want to experience it for the first time. It’s a standout title in the Fallout series, but some players might want to play with certain aspects added to it, and they can do that through Console Commands.

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Console Commands are an excellent way to provide easy-to-find weapons or make it far easier to have all the currency you need to play the game. It’s up to you how you use these commands, which offer a lot of variety to your gameplay. This guide covers every Console Command you can use in Fallout 3.

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How to use all Console Commands in Fallout 3

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You can use multiple commands in Fallout 3 while entering the Console Command. Many of these requests require you to know the item code, NPC code, or skill code associated with it.

You can enter two kinds of Console Commands: Gameplay Commands and Character Commands. The character commands will directly alter your character, whereas the gameplay commands deal with the environment and can alter your quest progression.

All Fallout 3 Character Commands

You can use these commands to alter your character in Fallout 3.

Character CommandCommand Effect
addspecialpoints #Add a certain amount of Special Points to your character
advlevelIncrease your character’s level by one
modpca (S.P.E.C.I.A.L) #Change a character’s Special Stat
player.additem (Item Code) #Add a specific item to your character’s inventory
player.additem 0000000F #Add a set amount of money to your character’s inventory
player.agerace 1Age your character
player.placeatme (NPC Code) #Spawn a specific NPC character at your character’s location
player.removeperk (Item Code) #Remove a perk from your character
player.setactorfull name (first name) (last name)Reset your character’s name and give them a new one
player.setav (S.P.E.C.I.A.L) #Set the Special stat on your character to a specific number
between one and 10
player.setav(Skill) #Set a character’s skill level to any number up to 100
player.setlevel #Change your character’s level
playersetav speedmult #Change your character’s speed to any you like, and you
can go above 100
rewardKarm #Give your character a set number of Karma points
rewardxp #Give your character a set amount of Experience Points
setgs fAVDCarryWeightsBase #Set your character’s maximum carrying weight
setPCyoungUse this command to make your character a child
setspecialpoints #Add the amount of Special Points you want to give your
showracemenuReset your character’s appearance
tgmActivate God Mode on your character

All Fallout 3 Gameplay Commands

These are all the commands you can use to alter the gameplay of your Fallout 3 experience.

Gameplay CommandCommand Effect
agerace 1Age an NPC by a set amount
coc (CellID) #Teleport your character to a specific cell
coc testqaitemsWarp to a room with items in it
CompleteAllObjectivesComplete all objectives on a specific quest
DisableDelete a character without killing them
DisableAllMinesDisable all mines in your Fallout 3 game
fov #Change your field of view, which can go from 1 to 180
GetQuestCompletedComplete the current quest
getXPfornextlevelLearn how many more experience points you need for the next level
KillTake out a specific NPC
KillAllKill all nearby NPCs
MoveToQuestTargetTeleport your character to a quest’s target location
player.modscale 1Become a giant in Fallout 3
set timescale to #Change how quickly time passes by in your game
setgs fJumpHeightMin #Set how high your character can jump
setscale #Change the size of a specific NPC, or your current target
taiToggle NPC A.I
tcaiToggle NPC Combat A.I
TCLTurn on No-Clip mode
tfcTurn on Toggle Free Camera mode while playing
TGTurn on or off the grass in your Fallout 3 game
tmTurn on or off your player’s HUD
tmm1Turn on all map markers in your Fallout 3 game
TTTurn on or off trees in your Fallout 3 game
TWFTurn on or off the Wireframe mode in your Fallout 3 game
unlockUnlock the selected lock you are targeting

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