How to find the Smiling Man in Fallout 76

“Smile and the whole world smiles back.”

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The wasteland of Fallout 76 is filled with strange and mysterious sights for you to find. Random encounters are one of the many features of the game with many of them being enjoyable or fun. The Mutation Invasion update added another random encounter to the list that exists and it is a run-in with the Smiling Man. This creepy NPC is one that you are sure to always remember if you happen to spot him. This guide will show you how to find the Smiling Man in Fallout 76.

Where to find the Smiling Man in Fallout 76

The Smiling Man is one of the many random encounters that you can find throughout the game. Of course, since this is a random encounter, that means it isn’t as simple as traveling to a specific location to find this NPC. There are, however, a few locations that you can go to server hop in hopes that the random event will occur. Each time you enter a new server, the random events will reset, allowing you to get a chance at meeting this strange NPC.

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Finding the Smiling Man isn’t extremely difficult if you don’t mind moving your camp or spending a lot of Caps. There are three locations where the Smiling Man seems to appear more often; along the northeastern road near the Darling Sister’s Lab, the road running south of Deathclaw Island, and the road north of Camp Venture in The Mire come to mind. The dots on the map above indicate locations where you can find the Smiling Man. These areas are easy to run to should you decide to place your camp in the area.

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If you happen to find the Smiling Man, he will introduce himself and Indrid Cold. His creepy facade is unshakable as he will stare at you with a smile as you walk around him. If you decide to talk to him, he will mention sayings like “Once in a Blue Moon” which appears to be a reference to the update happening in June. The Smiling Man also appears to have a connection to the Mothman as hitting him will cause him to disappear in a puff of black smoke just like the aforementioned cryptid.